This Looks Like A Missile Coming Away From The ISS - What Is It

This Looks Like A Missile Coming Away From The ISS - What Is It

The video caught by NASA's own cameras shows what looks like a missile either passing by the ISS live cameras or is it actually coming from the ISS itself?

It seems like the NASA engineer's would change cameras if it was a nefarious missile launch or even if it's a secret satellite that must be prepped for release just prior to setting it free.

The cigar UFO looks just like a missile.

Undeniable proof of something coming from the ISS caught on live feed cameras.

It's not a recent UFO sighting, this was caught on the live feed cameras in 2016 "apparently."

If it's the latter then the astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) would have to set it up. There's a few ways to look at this because it genuinely looks like it's coming out of the ISS top left part of the ISS capsule?

Or, is it just an uncanny placement of the live feed cameras being in such a place that makes it look like this? It's also a case of "what the hell is this" because either way we look at this, it's definitely worth noting and not losing sight of the facts.

The facts as it stands are:

1, It's definitely a real UFO.

2, It enters into the Earth's atmosphere.

3, NASA hasn't even mentioned it.

4, This hasn't been identified yet?

All of these questions are the basics, and what I mean by the basics are because it's a truly real UFO but NASA hasn't even acknowledge it.

How can we rely on anything at all from the new commissioned study by NASA? They turn off the cameras when UFOs turn up at the ISS. That's a known fact which is repeatable in many, many examples going back to the day the ISS live feed was introduced.

So what is going to become of a UFO study when from the outset we know that the people responsible for the active cover up of UFOs, is in charge of studying UFOs?

It more than beggars belief, it's ludicrous beyond words. Ask anyone who watches the ISS live feed cameras about what happens just after a UFO comes into view? I can tell you now that they'll say the same as me. The live feed cameras literally turns to a blue screen with the "due to technical difficulties" blah blah blah.

And that's constantly going on, it's not just one time or it happened twice. It's every single time that a UFO or anything else that looks like it's moving in the background like a star for instance, if it moves they cut the feed. So for me, I believe that no matter what happens with this commissioned study, it's flawed in my own personal opinion.

Anyways, the UFO sighting here on the ISS live feed cameras look's very much like it's been released by the ISS. Don't forget that it doesn't need a thruster type release. It doesn't need that because it's in space, there's no gravity so a spring would achieve the exact same thing as a engine with thrusters.

A spring, coil up a spring and simply a battery to release a mechanism to propel the "projectile" would be appropriate. Then, when it (the UFO) get's to low Earth orbit (out of sight of the live feed cameras) then the mini-thrusters propells it to it's target, apparently. Jobs a good one, case closed, wipe your hands, high fives and a medal.

*Elevenses back at mine.

Everything as they say is up for debate, even I know that. It's up for discussion so please by all means join in with the discussion and please leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, cheers.

All we want is the truth. It's so basic that we shouldn't have to ask for it. Transparency is also what we need, answers and explanations. Conversation's and communication from the gate keepers ie people who are responsible for giving us the answers like the Government. Like the people behind the "reluctantly" UAP disclosure.

Here's the extraordinary video:

Like I've mentioned, please share your thoughts and opinions on this, thanks. Also please share this post with others, thank you so much.

Guy's, nibiru-elenin YouTube channel was closed. So here's the NASA live feed video (above) caught by Heather Ortiz, good catch Heather. Check out their site, thanks. Show your love. I had my own YouTube channel taken down by YouTube - but by another UFO researcher, he put 8 fake copyright claims in.

Oh, and you definitely know the other YouTube channel (I won't mention him) that put the false claims in against my own YouTube channel, all 8 copyright claims. Looking back now it's funny, but at the time it was frustrating. I was using YouTube as a video platform for my website post's, so ALL the videos needed changing in like over a thousand posts! He's only a Muppet anyways, but even a Muppet with YouTube copyright tools at their disposal can still become an annoying little spec of fart dust, lol. That was 5 year's ago!

Credit: Heather Ortiz/Pete WDHCo 2016/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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