St Helen's Lady Films 15 UFOs Over Her Home Mainstream Media Covers It

This is one of them fantastic multiple UFO sightings footage that is filmed over someone's house... only for them to turn up again and again, night after night.

These UFOs turned up two nights on the trot and at one point the woman who lives in St Helens, Oregon in the US just started filming them.

Good on you and thank you.

15 UFOs over St Helens Oregon in the USA reported by Michelle Gabrielli.

Michelle Gabrielli of St Helens Oregon reported a 15 UFOs sighting over her home 2 nights running.

15 UFOs over St Helens Oregon in the US that was reported by Michelle Gabrielli and it was covered but the "mainstream media platforms."

It's been picked up by the US mainstream media outlets which is all down to a couple of reasons? Firstly it's because UFOs are now real, they're a scientific fact and what's more important than ever before is that the US Government, and the security services of the USA have accepted this.

Fact and accepted! Investigated and even has offices set up to specifically deal with this!

That's why the mainstream media platforms have totally and I mean "totally" done a U turn on their stance when it comes to UFO sightings. It's almost like we're all living in an alternative reality or a universe where people are believed or a really bizarre universe where the government tells the truth! Now that's a total anomaly of existence all together!

Something changed didn't it, or was just a simple case of Luis Elizondo releasing UFO videos? People have released UFO sightings before though haven't they? Why is it different this time? Is it because this time it's the truth? Meaning all the ones before these UAPs wasn't real? It's certainly worth thinking about because that's what happened.

Ever since I can remember, UFOs was ridiculed mercilessly!

Now though it's as if all that's been swept under the carpet and without any apologies neither! People used to get put in asylums for such talk as early ago as the 1980's! So yes, believe me when I say it's almost as if we're living in an alternative reality.

They (mainstream media outlets) used to cover some UFO sightings in the past, oh but the tone was totally different! They'd state thing's like "local joker or local colourful character" and they even went as far as calling people whack jobs or loon's!

So "forgive me for thinking your just highjacking the story." To be honest, and I'm all about honesty speech, I really do feel like a lot of people need apologies. Especially the pilot's, the commercial airlines pilot's that lost everything. And there's a lot of them, it's a truly, absolutely truly really sad thing. Some as far as I understand are homeless.

Okay, I bloody do it to myself every frigging time I write about mainstream media getting involved in UFO sighting's! They played their part in that big time.

Sorry guy's, I apologize for bumming you out but it needs to be said, I don't hear anything about these people who lost everything and there is a lot of them. And now, in 2022 it's a fact that they do exist, we're supposed to just forget about the guy's who lost it all.

I'm only human, and it makes me bitter, angry but mostly I feel sad for these guy's. Nobody is telling their story, this is the least I can do is bring it to people's attention.

Multiple unidentified flying objects have been spotted in St. Helens, according to one woman who said they've appeared over her house two nights in a row.

KOIN 6 News 

Here's another quick UFO sighting that caught my eye, it's a bouble UFO sighting over Hull, England, UK:

A woman doesn't know what to believe after coming face-to-face with what she thinks could be a UFO. The woman, who would like to remain anonymous, noticed something unusual in the night sky outside of her house in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, on September 5 at 9pm. She took a photo of it and sent it to a friend in the US who investigates UFOs.

Here's the double UFO sighting from over Hull, UK:

Amazing double UFO sighting over Kingston upon Hull.

Double UFO sighting over Kingston Upon Hull reported anonymously.

Because the anonymous eye witness knows someone who works at tThe Times as a journalist, she sent it there for her friend to examine. Here's the link, you should check this out.

Here's the video of the UFO sighting over St Helens Oregon in the United States:

Guy's I'd like to hear what you think about this UFO sighting and any other UFO sighting that you are aware of, cheers. Also please share this post please, thanks.

Credit: Michelle Gabrielli/KOIN 6 News/Hull Daily Mail/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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