UFO Just Missed An Airplane And Came Within Striking Distance

There's a real chance that one day a UFO is going to really wreak havoc in the air with close calls like this one over Brussels in Belgium.

European countries are reporting UFO sightings more and more, it's probably down to everyone having a smartphone in their pockets?

Close call UFO sighting over Brussels in Belgium Europe.

White UFO Orb nearly hits a commercial airplane over Brussels in Belgium Europe.

Here's a close call UFO sighting that is filmed over Europe actually over Brussels in Belgium.

And the UFO Orb nearly hitting the airplane is all caught on film.
There's no information as to "stop the press" but it surely deserves to be documented for historical purposes...

Brussels in Belgium, Europe has seen quite a few UFO sightings over the years for sure. But this is probably one of the scariest of the recent UFOs because it's a commercial airplane and there's literally hundreds of people flying inside of that airplane!

That's such a scary thing! To think of what could happen if the UFO get extremely close.

That's why I said that it's a scary UFO sighting, because we can see it comes withing touching distance of the airplane and the camera picks it up well.

Apparently and according to the YouTube channel that uploaded this video it states in the description box that it's been censored quite heavily and even taken down a couple of times?

How true this is, we don't know and it cannot be determined because YouTube will not release information whatsoever regarding any discipline action taken against any YouTube channel because it's data protection. And plus, it's a private matter right?

There's no way that YouTube staff, engineer's or others can just release it's clients information "Willy Nilly" haha. Come on, you've got to love that saying, Willy Nilly is an awesome saying.

Now that is a rare event, it's not to say that it doesn't happen, but if you look around and also if you ask people, you'll realise that videos just don't get censored quite as much as you'd expect it to in Ufology!

It actually takes someone to complain to YouTube officially (like a copyright claim) for them to take it down? Or the other way it could be taken down is if the YouTube engineers (staff) find a fault with any given video and then they might take it down?

Or the other way is if someone finds a video offensive etc. So to be honest, before people jump to unproven conclusions they should find out firstly any reason why it's been taken off YouTube? But I suppose that if it is a cover up, they can use any explanation that they see fit, right?

Oh that's not a good thing but personally I don't know anyone who has had their UFO videos censored and or taken down? But it's not to say that it's not happening...

Usually a cover up is designed where nobody knows about it. So the fact that the uploaders say it's a cover up... Hmmm!

We see the UFO Orb or UAP even, it comes flying Into the screen from the top left corner and pretty much at the same time as this, the airplane is flying into the screen from the right, bottom.

It's flying into the screen and the nose of the plane is raised a bit which tells me that this plane is coming into land? I could be wrong but also the angle at which the camera is at looks like this is the case and the eye witness is filming from outside of the airport?

That means if we had the date, time or place (which European airport) we could check reports for drones, local radar and see what pops up?

But as it stands, I'm just grateful that we at least have been graced with the UAP disclosure itself. The actual UFO video itself is the most important thing.

Here's the fantastic video showing the UFO Orb or UAP flying exceptionally close to the commercial airline:

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this, please share it in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: UFO Ovni Error 404 j.r/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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