A Quick UFO Sighting Over Lake

Here's the quote from the video "see that, what is that, it's a UFO. But it's to big and to slow is what the woman who is filming this is quoted as saying about this UFO.

I believe that it's a genuine UFO sighting over a river but just like Instagram and YouTube come to think about it, nobody is putting any details to any UFO sightings for some unknown reason?

There's a real UFO sighting over lake.

Real UFO sighting over a lake in the USA.

This UFO sighting looks like the USA, the people's accent's indicate that this is the USA?

I suppose it's a case got to be an age old case of "I don't want to be ridiculed" as this is the only legitimate reason why someone would want to disassociate themselves from a sighting like this? Maybe they know that they've got ruthless friends who would go to town on them about these UFO sightings and ridicule the living daylights out of them?

Look it's 100 percent happened before where some people have been working one minute and called into the office the next minute and lost their jobs for bringing the company into disrepute! If you don't believe me Google it. It's mainly happened to pilot's, military and corporate working people.

People have all sorts of reasons for wanting to not put their names to a UFO sighting. I thought about this before and I came to the conclusion that UFOs come to Earth without a story anyways so what the hell does it matter if Mr and Mrs Smith want's to remain anonymous?

Seriously it's about as important as you want to make it. I suppose for the history books maybe just so that there's a footnote of who, what, when and where but everything that really makes the difference is in the video.

This happened over a lake and I'm guessing that someone will recognize the place and will update us in the comments section about where this took place?

It reminds me of the 2 rectangular shape UFOs that was caught on camera over the cloud's by NASA's International Space Station cameras. The camera zoomed into these 2 stunning UFOs which still to this day stand alone as the best ISS UFO video I've ever seen!

This is a great one too but Instagram only allows us a fraction of time on these bite sized UFO videos. It's okay though because we literally have all the guff cut out of the family holiday with Grandma and Grandpa and the buying ice-cream etc. Instagram does away with all the unimportant (lol) holidaying snapshots and get's to the good stuff. The close up's of the UFO, the framing of the UFO perfectly in the middle and then it leaves.

Yes, that's what they call in some circles the money shot. I've never actually got to the bottom of where that saying came from? I'm still looking though ha.

Do you think that this is a genuine UFO sighting over a lake? Could the guy that we can clearly hear maybe using a RC to fly a drone maybe? Could the woman who we hear using a RC to fly this drone? Is it a drone?

I don't see any propellers or mini thrusters or a balloon maybe, I suppose that some UFOs will always be just that an "Unidirectional Flying Object" but I'm hopeful that once we've had Extraterrestrial acknowledgement or Alien disclosure as it's known as we will get to the truth and all the real UFO sightings will be revealed.

That's probably years away from now, but there's every reason to believe that it's going to happen.

If you've got any thoughts on where this took place then please leave a comment below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: UFOs.aliens.thetruthisoutthere Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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