Ancient Aliens Discovered On The Moon By Astronauts

The reason why I believe in Extraterrestrial life in space, and the universe and why I wholeheartedly believe that we are not alone on Earth is because of the evidence.

There were more Apollo missions bought and paid for but never went ahead because NASA thought they wouldn't be able to learn anything new, and that it'd be a waste.

Apollo Moon mission's where cancelled and apparently they secretly continued and Aliens where recovered.

That's not sci-fi or something else entirely like a blatant misquote, it's what NASA engineers at the time thought. Even though the missions were already bought and paid for, rockets and men were in place!


Apollo 17 was the last one which means that Apollo 18, through 19 and 20 were for want of another word "ditched" and there's a bizarre reason being given and like I've just written, there's nothing more to learn or no more scientific value left to continue going ahead which all they had to do was put their ass on the seat! What happened during Apollo 17?

Were the rumours of a continued secret Apollo program going to pan out and why did they cancel the most successful space expedition in the history of mankind...

No more scientific value...

Seriously, I kid you not, you can't make it up, can you? But that's why the Apollo program was officially terminated.

Or, was it because of this:

There's an ancient Alien craft on the Moon and NASA Astronauts went to it during the Apollo 20 mission, the so-called cancelled missions. What probably started this according to Rutledge was that an Apollo 15 encounter was made with an unknown but man-made object on the Moon. Maybe man-made was all they could believe instead of an Alien object?

In 2007, Italian freelance journalist Luca Scantamburlo conducted a written interview with William Rutledge, who claims to be a member of the secret Apollo 20 mission.

During missions 16 and 17, several more photographs were taken and reconnaissance of the terrain from orbit was carried out. The task of missions 18 and 19 (which was no longer officially) is not clear: Rutledge only says that during these missions, several problems occurred, as a result of which research data was lost. It was originally planned to land next to an alien ship and study it using rovers. In 1976, the Apollo 20 mission was launched, which included: William Rutledge, Aleksei Leonov, and Leona Snyder. They managed to land by the ship, get inside, and inspect the interior of the ship, and the bodies of the pilots. One of the sources said that they not only examined the bodies but also took the head of one of the bodies with them.

How and Whys 

What a fantastic UFO, Ancient Aliens story this is. William Rutledge put all this lot on the internet in 2007. Guy's, for real I encourage you to check it all out and look it up, this is a whistleblower but like no other!

According to Rutledge there was a man made object on the Moon already during Apollo 15.

At one point mankind only knew about one and yes that's just a single digit of human beings ie "Homo Sapiens!" This is why it's hard to take our minds back to a time when it was much simpler because now there are wait for it... 15 and counting different types of humans.

Fifteen different types of humans and to be honest with you even I didn't know that there were this many until I started researching for this post. I thought "maybe" around 5 should do it, all in all.

But 15 it seems is just bonkers, right? Or somebody (Karen) got it wrong lol and just started adding any old petrified bone! But no, not at all. It's absolutely 100 per cent correct information that there are up till now, 15 members of the Human species. Not 15 members of the Homo Sapiens species but the Human species which is mind-blowing!

If there are this many different species of humans then it's plausible that Aliens exist in space. 15 Human species have existed on Earth why can't there be just one species of Alien life out there somewhere?

That's why since writing this post I've been thinking of 15 members of the human tribe right now why not Extraterrestrial life in space? It makes it more plausible once we realize just how many different types of humans have existed. 15 is the magic number and it wouldn't surprise me (not now) if there's more to come.

Here's the full list of how many different types of humans have existed on Earth:

Homo Gautengensis.

Homo Habilis.

Homo ergaster.

Homo Erectus.

Homo Rudolfensis.

Homo antecessor.

Homo Cepranensis.

Homo Heidelbergensis.

Homo Rhodensiensis.

Homo neanderthalensis.

Homo Sapiens Idaltu.

Homo floresiensis (Hobbit).

Denisova Hominin (Denisovan).

Red Deer Cave People.

Homo Sapiens.

Why have I turned this post into a boring "elbow patch wearing, pipe smoking, hair flick) history lesson? Because I'm highlighting the odds of just one human being existing on Earth. What's the chance that not only one human life took hold or two types of humans took hold on Earth let alone 15 human species have taken hold on Earth in the past?

That's 15 lightning strikes hitting the same tree, the tree of life! So, with the knowledge that lightning does strike twice in the same place (actually it's 15 times) the chances that life extends out into space is pretty much guaranteed in my view.

And, yes we most certainly do "most certainly do" have evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space. The Moon, our closest celestial body that's been a fascination for human beings since we opened our peepers.

At one point in history, it was believed that we were a single species with no relatives whatsoever and no subspecies on what we now call the Tree of Life. Treet's branches were firmly cut back to a more manageable stump!{alertInfo}

It's a relative discovery that we've got many branches on the tree of life because it's been staggered over the years. Archaeology has taught us a lot that we didn't know about life, before. Life's like that, we go from one day to the next day learning just that bit more every day. And I for one love writing, love learning and I love putting it down for others to hopefully understand and learn from. After all, I've learnt what I know from others so it's great to pass that knowledge on to others.

The main theme of what I've written about in this post is that life can and does have the habit of surprising us all. Today I learned that there are 15 members of the human tribe. So there's gotta be life out there and what's more, here we have an astronaut telling us that yes indeed there's life in the universe and what's more, we brought one back with us during the Apollo program. Albeit just a head to start with.

Check out the links and read up on this because it's so interesting. I can only write so much otherwise I'd be writing a book! And believe me, I could very easily write several books. Up to now, just one book I've written and that was on art, it was long-winded but I enjoy writing lol. Check out the interview with Luca on Blog Talk Radio.

Luca has been at the forefront of the Apollo 20 story concerning a possible American and Soviet joint space adventure to explore the possible existence of an ancient alien craft on the backside of the moon.


Here's a video about Luca Apollo 19 and 20:

Video description:

Luca has been at the forefront of the Apollo 20 story concerning a possible American and Soviet joint space adventure to explore the possible existence of an ancient alien craft on the backside of the moon. We will discuss recent revelations as well as the possible implications of this story being true for humanity and our place in the world universe. Luca Scantamburlo (former journalist and now a freelance writer), was born in Treviso (Italy) in 1974; he earned a diploma in 1993 as an industrial chemical technician; in July 2006 he took an Arts degree at the Venetian Ca'Foscari University" with a thesis in bioethics. In April 2008 he also earned a diploma of Master in Communication and Nonverbal Languages, from the same Venetian university.

If you can share this post I'd appreciate it, cheers. Also share your thoughts and opinions on this, thanks.{alertSuccess}


Check out this site. William Rutledge provides video evidence. See the link for more info.

Credit: Medium/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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