Most Unusual UFO Sighting Happened Over Israel March 2022

The strangest UFO sighting happened in Israel only just a few months ago and "strange" that's probably an understatement.


I'm a big fan of the totally different kind of UFO sightings because it's these kinds that UFO hoaxers (I assume) just cannot pull off right?

Raw energy looking UFO sighting over Hadera in Israel March 31st 2022.

The most bizarre looking UFO sighting over Hadera in Israel you'll ever see.

UFO sighting Hadera in Israel March 31st 2022.

Let's assume that all UFO sightings are 50/50 and the same goes for the video itself? We must keep an open mind otherwise we might be robbing ourselves of the opportunity to further our understanding about UFOs, Extraterrestrial entities and on the downside to this, if it's not real then at least we are learning more about what hoaxers are faking. It's a no lose situation for UFO researchers and UFO enthusiasts alike. We've got to pull a positive from a negative and that's one way of doing it.

It's in the human nature to not only pull a stunt like faking a UFO, but also pull the stunt and then laugh at the people for believing it. This is why I detest them, create a UFO sighting by all means but belittling people for it is seriously wrong! They're laughing and berating people for believing that a UFO sighting they've created is real. That's horrendous!

Anyways, this one I'm betting is a genuine UFO sighting of which was filmed on the 31st March, 2022 in Hadera in Israel and was uploaded to LUFOS YouTube channel on the 1st April 2022, the day after. One person who left an inquisitive comment on the actual blog post that went with the UFO sighting said:

To me, this one doesn’t seem to have intelligent features to it. Could be a balloon with lights. The fog/humidity could make the lights look larger than they really are. It’s hard to say what it is, but someone should have tried to get closer to it for a better picture.


That's awesome information and all I ask for people to do, leave your honest thoughts on the UFO sightings. It sounds like it's very early in the morning in Hadera in Israel because birds normally only sing like this in the early morning? As the video continues it starts to slowly descend down towards the tree top.

As far as I can see, the UFO sighting is of a light or a (are I say it) of an almost raw energy like a Angel? I've never seen n Angel but I assume that if they do come to Earth, that this could be what they look like? Now don't quote me on it because I'm not an Angel expert...

 After looking around other UFO website's and blog's at the different types of post's about UFO sighting's, you do know that hardly any of them put as much "effort" into creating a decent amount of writing or information and evidence? It's for the most part a paragraph or two at the most! Maybe, just maybe this is why I've been voted for 3 year's running as the UK's number 1 UFO sightings website? Look, you won't be short changed on my website (even though it costs nothing) because if you visit my site, I want you to get involved, read up and hopefully leave a comment? And although it's usually just a single UFO sighting I'm writing about (sometimes a couple of UFO sightings) I feel like a write up is the least I can do. You will definitely get information from me put it that way. And that's a good thing thing surely, it might be mostly opinions and thoughts and suggestions as I'm very opinionated lol but who isn't nowadays? You'll have unique stuff to read, watch and evaluate as I will not (I refuse to) use content writing services or copy other website's because that's lazy!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

If anything my website (UFO Sighting's Footage) get's copied and believe me I have seen it. But, what I will say is that Google doesn't like those content writing services because they see it as search ranking manipulation, websites that use them actually get penalised.

Don't use them flex your own thoughts, use your word's and explain your thoughts on UFOs or Extraterrestrial entities if you really feel like you have something valuable to say? Because you best believe that I do, in fact I know that I have as this is what I'm judged on every year and I win 1st place.

I hope more people start websites and online blogs so that they can promote Ufology. We are going to have Alien disclosure and the reason why I know this is because we've just had UFO disclosure (UAP disclosure). Well, who control's them, who creates them... It's only a matter of time before we sincerely and genuinely have Extraterrestrial revelation. Get used to it, think about it and be ready as when we had UFO disclosure back in 2017 onwards culminating with the declassification and subsequent release of the UFO vids, it blew people's mind's.

It's not necessarily from the UFO videos or the fact that now we really have Unidentified Aerial Phenomena which is Unidentified Flying Objects, it's reading between the lines and what that actually means! Omg, Aliens built them. They're not ours. That's been clearly mentioned and pretty much what the US Government (including the agencies and military) have led with since Gimbal, Go Fast and Flir 1 hit the deck running!





I genuinely hope that you love, appreciate and understand what a lot of people in the past have sacrificed to bring their stories to the world? People have had their lives wrecked, some have lost everything and some just never regained their standing in the eye's of their families, peers and communities. That's probably the best way I can phrase it without actually taking it to the worst place that you can imagine because it definitely went there for a lot of people.

If you have any thoughts or opinions on this extremely bizarre UFO sighting then please by all means, leave your thoughts in the comments section below, cheers.{alertInfo}

Credit: LUFOS YouTube Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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