3 UFOs Filmed Over Scottsdale Arizona 2nd October

Here's yet another jaw dropping video of 3 UFOs hovering over Arizona just near Phoenix.

There's a lot of people coming forward with what can only be described as otherworldly craft's.

Here's the multiple UFOs hovering over Scottsdale Arizona in the USA.

The 3 glowing UFO Orbs above Scottsdale Arizona.

Scottsdale Arizona State multiple glowing UFO Orbs.

I say the word "otherworldly" because there's no aircraft on this planet Earth that even comes close to resembling a flying lightbulb. And to boot, there's three of them! My biggest question is this; how do they get here?

Without sounding like a confused buffoon, is it a portal (as it's light) or are these traversing space, are they jumping from one place to the next or is it that these are coming from the inside of the Earth?

Here's the actual witness statement:

Witness report: At or about 6:30 pm on October 2, 2002, I was on a 2 nd story rooftop facing south. I began to see 3 lights traveling from the southeast to north over phoenix. The lights travelled as far north to Scottsdale and became stationary. The lights were a bright white and pulsating. After a minute the 3 lights were aligned in a straight line, then the 3rd light at the bottom took off the south. The second light about another minute later moved south then moved back toward the northwest . The Top light of the three remained stationary . I recorded about 3 minutes of video and took a two photos.

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These thoughts have all been asked before by other serious researchers and anyone who has given thought to the origins of the very real craft's in Earth's atmosphere. Because the one thing that is a fact is that these must come from somewhere! Even if this and others are an elaborate hoax they must come from somewhere, right?

So, all I'd like to know is where that elusive place is?

I'm happy in knowing that one day it's all going to be known. Everything one way or another we're all going to be fully caught up with the UAP disclosure, the UFO sightings and the phenomena of all this is one day going to be fully understood. I just want all that information now!

Here's the extraordinary glowing UFO Orb evidence from over Scottsdale, Arizona:

Below is the YouTube video description:

On October 2, 2022, three massive lights appeared in the sky above the city of Phoenix, Arizona. They were captured by a camera located in the city of Scottsdale.

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Credit: Latest UFO Sighting's/Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Not a form of UAPs. They appear to be flares dropped by an aircraft. They are under a small parachute and burn out before touching down. I know it’s still light and flares are not needed. The company that makes them conducts daytime testing.


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