This Could Be A Reverse Engineered Craft Similar To The UAP Shield

It's been establish that this UFO sighting happened over Colwyn Bay in Wales, UK in 2014.

This unbelievable UFO sighting happened on the 15th August of 2014 and it has the look of a man made craft but because it's not 100 percent we've got to call it a UFO - for now.

Possibly the reverse engineered craft from a recovered UFO.

This craft above could be one that was reverse engineered from a possible recovered UFO? (I'll be adding the witness statement below bottom, just above the video). The silver UFO (shield) in the image below could be a similar type of UFO that was recovered and reverse engineered to produce the one above?

The image here shows a declassified UFO photo that was taken by a pilot in the cockpit of a fighter jet on his phone.

The image above was declassified by the Pentagon which it was taken by a pilot in the cockpit of a fighter jet and it certainly looks just like the UFO from over Colwyn Bay in Wales UK.

Here's the quote:
Photos were taken from the cockpit of a US fighter jet. One is a picture of a silver cube-shaped object hovering. The other is a photograph of a triangular object with each vertex glowing.
In particular, the cube-shaped UFO whose photo was published on the site The Debrief is hovering at an altitude of about 10,000 meters off the east coast of the United States. A backseat operator on an F/A-18 fighter jet in 2018 reportedly took the photo with his phone.

The Liberty 

When I say unbelievable what I mean is a craft that looks like it can't fly or shouldn't be able to lift 9ff the ground let alone fly in the sky. Is it a reverse engineered craft from a truly strange Delta wing craft or some other strange experimental aircraft?

I'm of the opinion that it's a man made craft for sure because of the obvious painted areas of the craft which is probably a uniquely human trait? We do like to put titanium oxide on our craft's. Funny story actually because of this other strange craft which was out in space and kept on giving a signature like titanium oxide.

It turns out to be a long lost satellite that had literally been lost but then it was found. The reason why it wasn't accepted straight away was because NASA and the agency tasked with knowing where all our satellites are had a "full and correct list, which was up to date" so a satellite that we didn't know about was out of the question...

Until it was the answer!

It's not a certain that it's been filmed anywhere else but I'd really like to know if it has been filmed by anyone else, in other parts of the world? Not every UFO sighting is an Alien ship we must stress that. Let's just put it out there now.

It's a definite starting point for anyone who thinks that they could have filmed the same UFO/craft though but if you use a simple identifying app like Google Len's or some other variations you'll definitely be intrigued by the results. or test vehicle for human beings in a different area?

So, I have put this photo (above top) through Google Lens and it's brought up something that I am surprised at seeing. In equal measures "UFOs and Delta winged crafts" which our image sits right in-between the two. I think that's beyond bizarre and word's. Google's AI created algorithms has recognised this UFO sighting as sitting between UFOs and man made Delta wing type craft's. Here's the link to the search.

Man made craft's might tend to go to a preplanned location and back again (I assume) based on human nature. We don't normally send out anything unmanned without a preplanned route which is usually there and back again!

Witness statement:

Whilst out walking on the beach at Llanddulas at a approx 7 am, I had stopped to watch some sea birds diving down into the water about 30 meters off the shoreline.

As I watched, a weird solid structure appeared in the sky above them to the North and moved slowly towards the beach. I thought at first it was a balloon, but it was very solid and metal looking.

I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and took a picture of it as it turned left and moved in an Easterly direction. It looked like it had a pair of dipped wings or something hanging down from it on each side, but it was also a bit pointed at the front.

It made a slight humming sound, and it had white and blue lights that seemed to glow or pulsate. As it turned to the East they changed to a yellow color.

I would say that I watched it for approx. 90 seconds and as it moved down the coastline. It did seem to change shape slightly.

It then just disappeared about a mile away from my position on the beach.

There were a couple on the beach who may have seen this too because they walked behind me as I was watching it. I think they were foreign though, because they were quite tanned and spoke to each other with an accent so I didn't say anything to them.

I am familiar with aircraft and this was 100% no helicopter or fixed wing craft and certainly no weather balloon because this was moving in a controlled manner.

Beams Investigations

If this has been seen anywhere else in the world I'm sure that we'll all know soon as people will post their own UFO sightings.

Here's a fantastic video:

If you've got anything you'd like to add to this please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: 8 News Now Las Vegas YouTube Channel/Beams Investigations/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO news/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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