UAP Craft's We Don't Know About And Never Will - No Disclosure On Other UAPs

Do we really not know anything about these strange looking UAPs which have traditionally been called UFOs?

I'm not liking this new stance because on one hand the authorities say they don't know where they're from or what they are...

Here's a UAP sphere type of craft that's been released by the US Pentagon.

But, on the other hand they have more UAP videos but cannot release them because they go against national security!

They definitely have a lot more information but are refusing to release it. Seriously, in a Freedom of Information Request submitted by The Black Vault they asked for any and all videos, photos and information on UAPs that there is? And yes "there is more was the answer but that they can't be released because of national security concerns." This was the reply 2 year's later which was literally only week's ago (in 2022)! See this link here.

The Black Vault filed the FOIA request to the U.S. Navy in April 2020 - just one day after the Navy declassified three now-infamous videos shot by Navy pilots showing high-tech aircraft moving in seemingly impossible ways. The Black Vault requested that the Navy now turn over any and all other videos related to UAP.

More than two years later, the government responded with a letter that both confirmed that more UAP videos exist and denied the request to turn them over due to national security concerns.

Live Science 

If you get chance, read the post at The Black Vault, read all of The Black Vault it's immense.

What's the point of setting up an office to deal with UAPs? It's probably just so that they (the authorities) can get to the stuff first and filter it all for stuff that they don't want the public to see?

That assessment is based on the fact that there is more UAP videos but they will not release them.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Here's arguably one of the most controversial part's of the whole UAP story to date - which I might add is way bigger than even I expected! I really did believe them (shame on me) that there was only 4 UAP videos! Here's what Live Science led with just a few weeks ago on 10th Sep 2022:

Classified UFO videos would "harm national security" if released, Navy says.

This Live Science post was released on September 10th, 2022.

The Navy admitted it has a lot more footage of UFOs - but won't share them anytime soon.

So, why are they blowing smoke up us now about a UAP office which will be dealing with any and all UAPs? They will be handling UAP disclosure? Really. It doesn't make any sense no matter which eye you look at it through?

Seriously, just when I thought that the Pentagon and the DoD (Department of Defense), CIA FBI and NASA etc (all the acronym agencies) had all collectively turned a corner. And to think that I was starting to believe something unique and amazing was happening, that something had been achieved?

I genuinely thought that they were being up front and transparent at last (and in my lifetime as well) but really they slid their Turtle like collective head's back into it's own body.

It's no surprise actually when I think about it clear headed and not through a need for them to believe, to convince me that I'm actually looking in the right direction. It seems I've had my mind amongst the rhetoric bulletin boards of the establishment for to long.

It's a shame really, but it is their own doing.

UAP disclosure was supposed to be honest and a good thing, a gesture of good intentions if you like. If they aren't going to release any more UAP videos or just the one's that they say we can see, why set up a public agency to deal with it and only release the ones they want us to see and hold back the other's. They can save money and go right back to how they used to deal with it which is behind closed doors.

It doesn't make sense what they're doing!

And when you keep that particular phrase at the forefront of your mind, when you hear thing's been talked about in Congress, sub committee's etc you know fine well that it's all just for show. I genuinely believe that some Senator's are truly trying to make a change but it seems to me that all they're achieving is a classic "Alice in Wonderland, change seats."

Here's a quick quote from The Debrief website with regards to a full transcript of Congress's historic hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP):

For more than 20 years, that project treated unidentified anomalies in our airspace as a national security threat to be monitored and investigated. In 2017, we learned for the first time that the Department of Defense had quietly restarted a similar organization tracking what we now call unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs.

Last year, Congress rewrote the charter for that organization, now called the airborne object identification and management synchronization group or aim sock for short, today, we will bring that organization out of the shadows.

The Debrief 

What to trust, oh what to trust? And, what not to trust?

It's a really bad state of affairs when one supposedly good guy say's yes it will all be above board and truthful, transparent and honest.

And yet on the other hand they say yes, there is other UAP videos but they cannot be released because of national security concerns. Which is it? Open and transparent relations or a need to know basis? And by the way we're still taking more UAP sighting's from pilot's because that hasn't stopped.

But will we get to see them?

Someone whose supposedly onboard with the UAP transparency isn't quite letting go of the past, of the old ways. They just love to put top secret on everything that they choose to, it's like they can't help themselves or they think that if it's all available to the public there's no need for their agency? Even if they have publicly stated something else on the same subject.

It's two faced, it's lies, it's double standards, it's borderline collusion and all the other words which describe an act of betrayal when somebody say's one thing knowing full well that it shall not be honoured.

And sadly this, this is where we find ourselves in this regard because correct me if I'm wrong but they was promoting a new public agency which will deal with pilot sightings and UAP sightings around military bases and around nuclear stations plus Navy ships and keep the public informed? How can that be, if they're already from the outset witholding the truth?

Again, take all of it what these people say with a pinch of salt. Take what I wrote with that same said pinch of salt and please I beg of you, do your own research, look up your own opinions and see what's been done, what's been said and if your like me you'll see any contradictions if they're there?

If I'm wrong, tell me I'm wrong in the comments section below.

The fact is I encourage you to check out the facts for yourself and don't take their word for it or mine for that matter. If you get it wrong, learn from it with the help from other people. Research UAP disclosure for yourself and that way your beliefs are your own, your mistakes if any are yours and not because someone told you.

The contradictions I believe are there, the blatant lies, the one foot forward and 3 steps back illusion is certainly at work within UAP disclosure, sadly.

Here's a fantastic video Fox 35 Orlando YouTube channel:

Here's the video description:

Thousands of previously classified documents regarding UFOs have now been released to the public, and some of the stories include alien abductions , electrical paralysis, sexual encounters, and other bizarre accounts.

Fox 35 Orlando YouTube channel  

If you've got any thoughts or opinions on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Live Science/The Debrief/The Black Vault/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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