Grey UFO Sighting Flying Through The Cloud's Filmed From Another Plane

The only way to describe this UFO sighting is to just let the video speak for itself.

It's been filmed by an eyewitness from another aeroplane and as the clouds are everywhere it's hard to know exactly where they are.

There's a real UFO phenomena happening around the world.

UFOs are real we already know that, just how many UFOs are there and why can't the US Government release what other UAP videos they have?

What "national security concerns" are they and should the public be worried about it?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

There's not a shred of evidence that supports this UFO sighting but as it exists we mustn't just ignore it. It'd be easier to follow the mainstream media examples and only write about the UFO sightings that have a story and an identifiable witness. But if we do that we'd be leaving out at least 50 percent of the UFO sightings on the table.

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Every single time that a UFO sighting is filmed you've got to understand that somebody is making up their minds whether or not to report it and whether or not to add their names to it. I've come across this many times before and it seems that you'll only see the "easy to write about UFOs" covered in the mainstream media outlets or the main newspapers. It's sad but it's right up their street because it's half of the sighting written about for them.

Whereas I tend to rely on similar UFO sightings footage and try to link UFOs by sight and if these types of UFOs don't have a doppelganger out there then I will explain what I think about it and how we can all try to identify it.

That's probably the easiest part of any UFO sighting now. In 2022 all UFO researchers have to do is take a screenshot of the UFO event with as clear of a UFO image that they (we) can take from the image and put it through Google Len's.

That tool is indispensable (it's key) to Ufology because this new Google tool searches all over the internet for point matches or for similar if not exactly UFOs or whatever else is in the video screenshot taken from the UFO event. It matches it up, it provides the information contained within that new image and there's either your sweet or location.

I've had a lot of success with this brilliant search tool. I recommend that you use it to search for UFO sightings.

Here's the video:

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Credit: ufos_nr.1 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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