Old Secret Area 51 Grainy Footage Shows Alien Craft

A video that has recently emerged from the mysterious Area 51 has captured the attention of UFO enthusiasts all around the globe.

Secret Alien spaceship test flight footage from Area 51.

I like this Area 51 secret footage because it could be a forerunner of the UAP crafts.

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Despite its slightly grainy quality, the footage supposedly unveils a clandestine (secret) test flight of an alleged Extraterrestrial spacecraft.


What makes this video truly remarkable is the presence of another aircraft, a jet, which serves to further authenticate the credibility of the sighting. The guy's craft in the video does look like the UAP objects in the videos released by Jeremy Corbell.

Secret Area 51 UAP Test Flight

- Recently surfaced video from Area 51 reveals a secret test flight of an alleged Extraterrestrial spaceship

- Footage is grainy, but another aircraft (a jet) is also visible

- The person filming focuses on both the jet and the Alien spaceship, indicating authenticity

- This could be a genuine secret test flight of an Alien spaceship at Area 51

Tracking The UAP And Jet Movements

The unnamed individual behind the camera not only diligently tracks the movements of the jet, but also takes great care to focus on the Alien spaceship, thereby indicating that it was not artificially inserted during post-production.

Based on the footage, it appears that both aircraft are being closely monitored by the camera, suggesting the possibility of a secret Area 51 test flight of an Alien spaceship. The evidence seems to support this theory. - Lee Lewis UFO Researcher

Area 51 is Secret By Nature

This compelling evidence strongly suggests that we may indeed be fortunate enough to bear witness to an authentic secret test flight of an Alien spaceship within the confines of Area 51. The nature of the video is secret therefore we don't have the time, date or year for that matter but just think for one minute how easy it would be to insert a date, time and a fictional person's name for the cameraman.

Anonymous UFO Reports and Their Importance

The fact that there's no information is only half of the story in my view especially because I am regularly sent UFO videos and the person demands to remain anonymous. There's still a stigma attached to any UFO sighting and whistleblowers even more so. That's why I have always said that the time and date including the place is a bonus but not critical. We can determine for ourselves and even more so now that we know that UAPs exist and are actively flying in our atmosphere. That's the US Government's stance.


I've been looking for the information on the secret Area 51 UFO footage for context and clarification and I know that you guys are great for discovering any new information on any UFO sighting so let's see what we can find.


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Credit: aprimoramentohumano-Hunan Enhancement, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.

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