Northern Quebec UFO Sighting A Father and Son’s Encounter

Northern Quebec Canada spherical object UFO sighting that involved a father and son driving home at night in January 2023 early morning hours.

January 24, 2023 Chibougamau Quebec UFO Orb sighting.

Let's have a look at this.

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A father and son were driving to their hometown in Northern Quebec, Canada when they witnessed a strange phenomenon in the night sky. The incident occurred outside of a large northern town called Chibougamau, and it has left the pair shaken.


Eyewitness Specifics

According to the eyewitnesses, they saw a sphere of light moving in the sky with a beam of light shining down as if it was searching for something. The object was directly over the road in front of their car, and they were driving towards it. In the video, we can hear the father tell his son to turn the light off so the UFO doesn't see them. The message that accompanies this extraordinary video states:

January 24, 2023.

Location: just outside of Chibougamau, Quebec - not less than about a 10-minute drive driving toward Mistissini, Quebec (their hometown).

Also a side note: these are indigenous First Nation Cree peoples (I am as well). In the video, the father tells the son to close the light cause the father is afraid the orb would see them. - Toby Instagram

Unknown Origin Crafts UAPs Are Real

The sighting is particularly interesting given the recent news that the US Government has acknowledged the presence of unknown origin objects flying through our atmosphere. While the father and son were alone on the road, they did manage to capture video footage of the event. Without the footage, it’s unlikely that anyone would believe their story. Thank goodness for smartphones because without it what's the likelihood of that story going over people's heads?

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The incident occurred in January 2024, and it has left the father and son with many questions as you can imagine which is why it was sent to me through Instagram direct messages. Here are a couple of basic questions that must be answered and with the steady progress of aerial technology over the years we should be able to answer these but it relies on cooperation from the Canadian Government. We do have the technology especially low Earth orbit satellite reconnaissance technology to discover where this particular UFO, UAP came from and where it went but that means high-level cooperation and I just don't see that happening at this time. Some apps have the coordination of aircraft at all times and apps include software to pinpoint specific aircraft. But this is an Orb sphere UFO and not an aircraft as described by the witness. This happened in January 2023.

Basic UFO - UAP Questions

What was the object they saw?

Was it a UFO? And if so, what was it doing in Northern Quebec?

Worldwide Mysteries

This January Canadian UFO sighting is just one of many that have been reported around the world. While some people dismiss these sightings as hoaxes or misidentifications, others believe that they are evidence of extraterrestrial life. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that the universe is full of mysteries that we have yet to uncover.

UAP disclosure in Canada

Q: What is the latest news on UAP disclosure in Canada?

A: In June 2023, Manitoba MP Larry Maguire wrote a letter to Canada's Minister of Defence suggesting that the country has participated in a secret multi-nation program devoted to "the recovery and exploitation" of material from unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), more commonly known as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. The letter suggests that Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) "has recovered UAP material" and calls for more parliamentary oversight and for the Canadian government to develop a public communication plan ahead of what he termed; "upcoming public revelations that will stem from these American foreign material programs". See the AARO link in the credits below.

Q: What is the Five Eyes Foreign Material Program?

A: The Five Eyes Foreign Material Program is a program that exists between Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, and New Zealand and has been sponsored by Canadian Forces Intelligence Command Canada. It is devoted to "the recovery and exploitation" of material from unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP), more commonly known as unidentified flying objects or UFOs. See the below link to CBC News regarding the Five Eyes Foreign Material Program it's interesting and it's just from last year just after this specific UFO - UAP event.

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Credit: CBC News, Chibougamau Wikipedia, AARO, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, ufosfootage.

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