Moon Crater With Moving Structure Inside It

Here we go, another reason for NASA to close rank's and pretty much turn the sign on the door round to say "closed."

It's so sad that the very space agency (it's a huge organisation), is actively covering up UFOs that are coming into view on a live camera feed.

There's a structure in a Moon crater moving in NASA orbiter video.

White craft in Moon crater in NASA footage.

The top image is a screenshot from the NASA Orbiter video which shows some sort of structure (that's got to be very long and wide) actually moving in the crater, I'm just guessing but I don't think it's one of ours!

It's where people who knows best, would never get their excuses "ah-hem", I mean answers from. Why would people want answers from an agency that alway's has uncanny timing when a life changing experience happens? They don't acknowledge the object when the camera feed comes back on. They don't even acknowledge it at all. That's why I know that NASA is covering up the whole existence of UFOs.

Why was NASA side stepped on the UAP disclosure?

It took the US Government on behalf of the US Navy to put the acronym UAP out there and trans-medium object's. NASA was nowhere near any of these decisions which you'd be forgiven for thinking that NASA was behind because it's NASA's department so-to-speak it's NASA's bread and butter.

You'd think...

Look, I can go through at least one hundred different examples of UFOs that have been caught on the ISS live feed cameras and NASA completely ignored it. Maybe it's this blatant disregard for UFOs (now UAPs) which is why the people who was in charge of putting together the whole UAP disclosure videos and subsequent press releases, why they kept NASA out of the loop.

Only later was NASA asked to form a study group.

I wonder if all they (NASA) will put forward is a "screenshot of the dreaded blue screen of signal loss?" With a statement that says basically the guy taking minutes forgot to press record so as a result there's no information. Lol.

ISS live feed history.

These UFOs are moving close to or near to - the International Space Station. Sometimes they're passing by the ISS or even moving towards the International Space Station glowing or actually flashing like a light would.

But then.

The same thing happens time and time again, the cameras go off and NASA fails to even reference these UFOs afterwards. They don't acknowledge it at all. Zip, NADA, nothing, not a thing. They don't even look into it, I mean it's their job. You'd think there'd be an ecstatic team at NASA on the verge of something huge.

But in reality.

There's no expert analysis of what it might be and it's as if it doesn't even matter. Like it didn't happen at all. That's why I'm convinced that there's something not quite right at NASA. Why is there all these UFO sighting's that NASA's own camera's keep catching and they don't do anything. 

It can't be right.

That's when NASA turns off the live feed cameras. The cameras seem to develop instant technical difficulties on demand. What's the chances of NASA cameras developing difficulties when an unknown object comes into the view of the camera? It's every time an Orb, a flashing object or a cigar shaped object comes into view that these cameras switch to a blue screen with the words "due to technical difficulty" the cameras are blah blah. I'll add a screenshot of the word's they put up on screen.

Please stand by for more lies from NASA as it clearly says live in the corner.

It clearly states that the video is still "Live" in the top, right corner so are they live or experiencing a temporary loss of signal?

Over an "easy" 100 times NASA camera's suddenly and without warning develop a technical difficulty. No wonder they can't fly to the Moon. If they can't sort out a bit of software and stop it from developing a "consistent malfunctioning problem" no wonder that they can't get it up.

Here's the extraordinary but amazing video:

NASA, you've got to love their focus and determination. Would they become obsolete if they announced that Extraterrestrials exist? Is this why NASA tries to keep it just out of reach? If Alien life does get announced as existing, would NASA become obsolete or start the clock countdown to when funding is pulled because they achieved their objective? Finding out if life in space exists... Is this why NASA continues to deny the existence of UFOs at the ISS?

In fact, as a Post Script, check out this other structure in a Moon crater. I wrote about this before:

Another example of a strange structure in a crater on the Moon.

Check out this link for the awesome post. Also here's another structure on the Moon.

In fact, I've just found another video of a structure on the Moon with strange triangle shape shadow and tracks:

Here's the LROC link to the image.

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Credit: UFOovnierror404jr Instagram/NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/UFO Sighting's/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Why don't we send a landing crew to that location and resolve all the bullshit..pardon my French! Just saying

  2. Totally looks like a mining operation!


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