3 Plume's Of Static Smoke Coming From Disks Eye Witness Say's

The eye witness to this can be heard saying that it looks like Disks which I assume he's referring to the thing that's at the tip of the smoke plume.

The video starts off with a view from the window of an airplane, the Sun's in the distance and the cloud's are like a duvet cover stretching out in every direction.

Another example of Disks leaving black smoke filmed from an airplane window.

3 Disks filmed from the window of an airplane that have all left black smoke.

This type of thing has been filmed before, keep reading for the link and where that was.

It's hard to see, but the witness on the airplane can be heard saying that these look like "Disks." He's got the best seat in the house to see these from.

Then we see these 3 plume's of static but whispy smoke are just straight off to the side of the airplane. The witness can be heard saying "what are they, they look like Disks" which seeing as though he's there, he's got a better view of them? This happened over Saint-Martin-De-Coux, France on 7th November 2022. At exactly 6:02pm.

There's been other examples of these black plumes of smoke been filmed in the sky before. But as far as getting close to them, it seems that they're always off in the distance. It makes sense because if the person who is filming this can see it, surely then the pilot can definitely see it and is staying clear!

It makes me wonder what else have pilot's seen, what other stories have pilot's got from the hundreds of thousands of flight miles that they travel every single year?

I've been contacted before by pilot's and posted before using just a few videos, but the response has always been the same, other pilot's with stories that should be making headlines but, they can't tell their stories public otherwise it's their job's worth, done, caput! Sacked or moved to the edge so-to-speak and dropped altogether from flying time.

I understand it from an insurance company point of view, showing possible signs of a cute lack of oxygen or something else entirely, they'd never sign him off as fit. It's sad, but totally understandable but only understandable from the insurance company point of view, even though I don't agree with it, I get it.

One chance to get it right and all. They don't need "pilot's not concentrating." It's ruthless, but again, under blooming standable!

These 3 Disks are leaving a trail of dark, whispy smoke behind themselves and even though they're static, probably due to lack of air currents there's actually evidence from another exact same thing! You'll find it right here, which flying over the Aegean sea in 2018, so this isn't a unique example, in fact it's opposite to that. It's been filmed a few times. Check out the link just above, one leads onto the other.

Here's the extraordinary video which was sent to me by Steveee (3 e's) via Instagram:

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Thanks for sending me this Steveee.

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Unilad/Canva.

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