Stealth Jet Invisible To Satellite Cameras At Dyess AFB Texas

It would seem as though stealth technology has come on leaps and bounds since the day's of hiding behind cloud's (in Jet term's lol).

Or has there been some unusually fast development of advanced stealth capabilities the likes of which have transformed aerial vehicles?

Close up of the Jet that's nearly invisible on Google Earth.

Full screenshot of the stealth Jet at Dyess AFB in Texas US.

If it's a glitch in Google Earth that's explainable, but if it's not then how does someone explain this?

It's great but in reality if we can see it then so can anyone else who has a camera? Or is the main aspect of this"stealth craft" just to absorb radars and other signals? Does this technology absorb signals from cameras like some number plates can be hidden because of the film over it?

Is it the materials in this jet absorbing or distorting the camera view? Material wrapped around the craft, does it send back nothing or give false reading's? What the hell is that thing on the runway at Dyess AFB in Texas, US?

My conclusion from this video showing a Google Earth image that has an outline of a Jet fighter on the ground is that I really don't know and I've tried to explain it. I'd like more information on this before I make any declaration though? Seriously, I know absolutely zero about stealth technology which isn't a bad thing because it's just not something that I have chosen to "research" maybe I should?

Would we really know what is at the top of the stealth tree in terms of the most advanced stealth capabilities? We probably won't know until a decade or more after top secret stealth technology has been declassified.

And that's a maybe!

Some people have researched stealth technology and what it's capabilities are, it's you that I'd like to ask about what you think about this? Does it remind you of anything, are you familiar with this (I bet your not and even if you was, you could not share it!

In theory it's a holy grail type of technology that would give anyone who uses it, almost clear like abilities and also sheer invisibility stealth. It's a cloaking device in everything but it's name.

Does it really exist or is this some type of layered effect where Google Earth app shows an outline of what was there, but is no longer there and is it just a mirror image effect also? There's a few things that it could be if we think about it really hard till the veins on the head start to throb.

It's actually a US military base called Dyess AFB in Abilene Texas. And as anyone will tell you that the US Government in conjunction with the US military knows no bounds on funding for this type of technology.

It's what happens when the richest country in the world goes all out on federal spending, military spending and research and development of technology that can only be described as "exotic technology" because it's what it is.

You don't need no coordinates etc just Dyess AFB Texas US. That'll get you there in the latest version of Google Earth app.

Here's the video that I created through screen recording:

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Credit: Google Earth/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. I made this discovery and the original video of this two years ago and sent it to Scott Waring.

  2. This has happened because the 3d image takes two kind of data: the surface image and the position of that image in 3d. The problem is that the plane moved when they took the image and only remained its data in 3d . Then they represent the volume without the image looking transparent .


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