A Guy's Eye's Changing Shape On Camera Close Up

Here's one of those videos that beggar's belief, is it real or is it possible that it's a just a hoax?

We need some clarification on this video which is probably what we need on every single video purportedly showing a UFO or an anomaly.

A person, was filmed live changing his eyes to Reptilian-like eye's on camera.

All the information contained is within the video, there's hardly anything that we know about this person.

We do have however, our common sense and understanding of the whole genre of Reptilian eye's, hybrids and strange anomalous phenomena. There's these eye's on a guy, the look to be changing their form from what a human beings eye would normally look like to a bizarre looking Reptilian eye or Cat's eye come to think about it?

There's no magic wand or a source of undisputed facts but what there is, there's you and what your prepared to believe and accept. There's a lot of examples of Reptilian eye's in videos right across the internet and people have been filmed changing their eye's either deliberately for the cameras and have accidentally changed shape while they didn't know that they was being filmed.

Supposed celebrities have been caught changing the shape of their eyes. This person is changing the whole film over the eye! That's not possible surely? How can the film over the eye be retracted into the side of the eye? Tell me if that's possible or not?

Can software recreate this strange sight that we are seeing? Can this be a genetic mutation or some sort of advanced being?

There is a theory if I am wrong please correct me. It's called evolution.

Did we stop evolving and have we reached the pinnacle of human being's changing I mean do we really need eyebrows?

It sounds silly I know, but if you subscribe to the evolution theory then we're still evolving, right? Or have we all stopped suddenly and unexpectedly without warning?

There's a lot of question mark's in this post because the video brings up a lot of questions for me. We've got video evidence of a form changing secret service agent who was at a President Barack Obama speech in 2013, at a policy conference held by the lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee, also known by its acronym AIPAC... But apparently according to Snopes it wasn't real.

They have got a point, the secret service agent was in plain sight but hidden in video's that subsequently came out, it doesn't make sense and it couldn't have been good for the person's self esteem to know that people are saying he's a Reptilian shape shifter because of the shape of his head. That was mean I suppose, people was just saying that his head look very boney and Reptilian like.

So, I want to know if this video showing the guy's eyes change shape, is it true and can it be faked  using CGI rendering or software?

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to Instagram by Mysteries Unexplained:

If you've got any thoughts or know more about this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Mysteries Unexplained Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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