Flying Disk Above Gas Station Every Part Of Me Say's Hoax

I first dismissed it because I thought it looks to good to be true also I thought how's that gonna turn out to be real?

It looks to detailed and it looks to genuine but overall it's just way to big to be real, right.

UFO sighting over a gas station in the USA.

If this is a fake UFO sighting then guy's, there's people out there who are going to render Ufology (it probably already is) they're going to render it useless.

If we can't tell the difference between a real UFO sighting and a hoax because of it looking to real or to good to be true then when one does appear, it's not going to be accepted and it's going to be dismissed.

It's getting harder to tell, it really is and what with AI it's going to be undistinguishable from the real.

If I'm looking at the UFO (the craft) and I'm thinking it looks to good to be true, then there's no point in looking or searching for "the one." It seems pointless if we can't tell the difference doesn't it. I realised that it's everything I'd hope to see if a real UFO (craft) turned up on Earth. So, when I'm presented with a UFO that tick's every single box, do I still think it's a fake? I'm seriously asking if it's real because this ticks every box.

And it seems upside down.

There's that cynical part of me that's telling me how could it have just turned up here out of thin air? Did it appear out of a portal or thin air?

What does a real UFO look like?

Seriously it's upside down (not the UFO) because no matter what happens, it's not gonna be accepted by the majority of people because it looks to good to be true. The reason why I thought it was a fake straight away was because of every reason that makes it look real. So yes, that's very "upside down thinking" it's actually pretty strange as I know I'm not alone in thinking this.

It's fake - because it looks real.

I know that it's everything we want to see in a real UFO but I suppose people (me as a typical example) might not be ready for Alien revelation ET disclosure. It reinforces to me at least that we the public might not be ready for Alien disclosure because guy's, if a real Alien craft does turn up and the people who see it on the internet etc and say "that's a fake, it looks to good to be true."

The witness filming this opens the door, he or she walks out of the gas station and stands there, directly looks over at the place it's going to be because the roof of the gas station is in the way of seeing it. The craft then comes into view and that right there is when everything in your being is telling you that it's a fake.

The 1 second view of this Disk has given you everything you need to know about it.

Now, you need to ask yourself whether that 1 seconds worth of information is sufficient enough time to determine if it's a historic moment in time, is this the moment when life on this planet changed forever?

Does all the weight of what I've just written contribute to your thoughts and opinions and because it's possibly such a momentous UFO event your not in a position to support it being real in case you get it wrong or in case your proved right?

If fake UFO sighting's look this good then Ufology is doomed and that's my 2 cents worth of information. Because it looks real to me. But if it's not, then Ufology is definitely doomed.

Here's the extraordinary video:

Guy's, I know that there's plenty of people out there that will have a comment on this, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please share this post, thanks.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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