UFO Flies Past SpaceX Rocket Scanning It As It Goes

Just imagine this, the SpaceX rocket has launched and a UFO with a dome facing the rocket flies so close and overtakes the rocket, the UFO is facing the rocket and scanning it.

Silver UFO overtaking SpaceX rocket during launch.

This is the clearest UFO sighting overtaking the SpaceX rocket.

Yet another UFO flying past the SpaceX rocket after launch.

The UFO looks to me like it's scanning it as it overtakes the SpaceX rocket, why else is it so close? The immediate above photo shows yet another UFO flying past the SpaceX rocket during another launch.


It's called orbital velocity where it (SpaceX rocket) is trying to get out of the Earth's clutches and it's got to travel at least 17,500mph to escape from the gravity of Earth. Even though the SpaceX rocket can hit top speeds of close to 40,000kmph. The rocket must travel at a specific speed to escape Earth's atmosphere. All the engineer's efforts and focus are on getting the rocket out of the atmosphere as you'd expect it to be. And just as everything's going well, right out of the blue a Flying metallic Disk with a dome in the middle of it comes straight upwards and overtakes the rocket.

This UFO is tiny in comparison to the actual SpaceX rocket but this small craft leaves it standing and overtakes it and right next to it as well. It's making sure that the cameras catch it! It looks like it's scanning the SpaceX rocket as it passes it with the done in the middle of the Disk, facing the rocket. Can you imagine anything this small UFO being able to overtake a rocket at 40,000mph or 7 miles per second?

But that's what's happening!

In terms of speed, it probably shouldn't be able to achieve this using conventional man-made means ie man-made inventions like combustion engine power or thruster engines, or electric powered, etc. So just by process of elimination (not a lot eliminated I agree), there's nothing that has been made by mankind that can get up to those types of speeds in such a small, tiny craft.

How is a small object able to overtake a large SpaceX rocket?

It doesn't make sense but yet there it is. It doesn't even emit any exhaust fumes or anything else associated with a human-made craft which would be a lot bigger than this puny little Orb. I say puny, but damn that's not a craft that we should ignore. Its technology alone would advance human technological know-how by decades. It's probably making no noise as well, it's evading radar and the SpaceX engineering team is either ignoring it or drawing it out and it's been examined here.

If they didn't see it then SpaceX is doomed because if we can see it, and they haven't (which I find hard to believe) but if they haven't then that's right beggar's belief.

They're probably all too afraid to say publicly what they know it is, so will go along with some stupid excuse thought up by a terrified pen pusher. I mean, we live in a world where people are afraid to say exactly what they want to. A bunch of idiots.

It's a UFO.

Not no temperature Inversion, sub-refraction of the ionisation and particles of light blah blah blah.

That's NASA, that's what a NASA statement looks like about UFOs. Bunch of eejits as people in Ireland say.

And that's my ten cents worth of information and what I think about this awesome UFO sighting. I just wish people in a position to offer real evidence (like SpaceX and NASA) of Extraterrestrial craft or advanced aerial technology would crawl out of the woodwork for once and tell us that all the evidence that people have been filming has substance and it's not one big lie perpetually recycled. I live in hope, I do otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.

Here's the extraordinary video above which was caught by SpaceX cameras themselves on March 18th 2020:

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Credit: SpaceX/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. The booster is on its way down at a huge velocity. The object is probably not moving at . It could be space junk.


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