Large UFO Craft With Multiple Light's Flying Behind Tree's Near Home's

Large UFO Craft With Multiple Light's Flying Behind Tree's Near Home's

I've been sent probably thousands of UFO sighting's but this is what I'd say is the best UFO sighting I've ever been sent and that's easily by a few nautical miles.

This large UFO craft is behind the tree's scaring eye witness in a parked car.

The massive craft of unknown origin has bluish green lights and red lights on it.

UFO has been filmed behind tree's scaring the witness in a parked car.

These photos don't do this video any justice whatsoever but like they say, save the best for last.

The video starts off with a female that's sat inside a parked car, it's night time and the car's parked just off a side street.


4:30 am Austin Texas January 5th 2023 is when and where this happened. Updated Tuesday 31st January 2023.

It's a really dark street and even though there's houses nearby as we can see them at the beginning of the video. It still looks really far away from any light's which makes this slowly flying craft look more surreal, call me old fashioned but sitting off in side streets at night ain't good for nobody!

Anyway, the camera starts to pan around and the eye witness seems to keep on saying "what is that" which is definitely what a person who is startled would keep on saying! She then see's something that is in the sky as her voice changes. It's a very large craft with at least 8 light's un it's underside. That's how many I've been able to count. It's in amongst the tree's so it's definitely under intelligent control as it navigates through the twisted branches. It's still behind the tree's and it looks like it's searching for something? There's a constant light that is shining through the branches and that's when we can clearly see the blue ish green light, then the red light. We can hear the witness panic as this ladies voice changes from an inquisitive voice to a half panicked voice.

Guy's, this is a truly great UFO sighting. The more I'm looking at this, the more I'm seeing (obviously) but the more it's starting to look real.

It's a large craft to say it's in a built up area, it's right near an urban area with homes just feet away. This is a really strange shape as well. I wouldn't be able to tell you what shape it is from this video but it's definitely something that's flying behind the tree's.

Guy's I've messaged the eye witness to send me the time and date plus where abouts this actually had taken place? But I've not heard back from her as yet, I'm hopeful and I'm hoping that for historical purposes that we do find out where this amazing UFO event happened?

You know when you have a good UFO sighting because it stands out like the unique UFO sighting it is. And this definitely does stand out as a great UFO sighting.

I'm speechless, because yet again Instagram is playing up because when people are sending me their UFO sighting's through the Instagram messaging system, I'm not able to play the video's. For some unknown reason the videos are there, but overlapping it in the middle is a loading symbol! That's it, but if I come back to it a day later or maybe two days later, sometimes I can play the videos? It's hit or miss which for an international corporation, that ain't good.

I've contacted them (Instagram) about it but as yet it still persists! It will be sorted so please still send me your UFO sighting's and if you don't want to share them just report them for whatever reason, to myself and I'll share them with the world.

Here's the extraordinary, epic video. Guy's, let's bring to bare down on this all our knowledge and try to figure out just what this is, if it's terrestrial or Extraterrestrial:

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Credit: Tazzie/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. It's amazing to see the UK demographic taking an interest along side America and its UAP Phenomenon. So it becomes obvious to ask and open up dialect further. The Year, or moment in time, the geographical location and the witness herself (themselves) always becomes important.

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