Cone Shaped UFO Filmed Flying Across Veracruz Mexico Nov 2022

This happened over Veracruz in Mexico on 6th November 2022 and it's definitely got me thinking that it looks very similar to a famous UFO sighting over Kecksburg, Pennsylvania?

This UFO sighting was filmed over Veracruz in Mexico in November 6th 2012.

A corn shape UFO filmed over Veracruz in November 6th of 2022.

I'm still thinking "invasion of the killer Squirrels" seriously, I cannot get "nut's" off the mind lol but if it's a true, genuine UFO, I'm not really sure about that...

Anything's possible which is something that I used to say a lot and really stand by it, but I've started to evolve over recent month's and I've come to realize that not everything's genuine. It just cannot be guaranteed so I've got to rethink starting points or if something look's the part and if it talk's the part it doesn't necessarily mean it's a real UFO event. It's good for all of ten minutes to look at, but then reality set's in. Then I see it from a different perspective and I've learned a lot from doing that. Different perspectives, it's become a must for me when weighing up on the validity of a UFO sighting.

There's no handbook for deciphering UFO sighting's although people have tried to write one (probably) because each one is different, there cannot be a handbook. You can underline the basics but that's it.

This UFO sighting is flying over Veracruz in Mexico, it took place during the day. There's no strings yadda yadda and all the usual stuff but "is it possible that it's a fake" whichbis all I'm bothered about right now? If it is, why?

I'm asking why would a person who is probably all there, has there faculties about them, can put one hand over their left eye and walk in a straight line. Why on God's green Earth would they want to spend money on a prop, create a scene and film a cone shaped UFO? Seriously, I'm struggling with it because it doesn't compute.

I'm constantly learning all the time about UFOs which your probably the same as me, if your reading this then your passionate about learning new things. Staying current and knowing where on Earth are these UFOs "now?" Because UFOs have to go somewhere right...

Craft's of unknown source, unknown origin are real hot now. They are hot because we all innately know that something bigs going to be announced. Especially after we've had UAP disclosure. The Government of the United States has acknowledged the existence of UFOs albeit they're called UAPs now, but still UFOs are real and they're not of Earth.

Now that UAP disclosure has come along a lot of people are taking an interest in UFOs. The government say's yes UFOs are real, the next step is people are going to pay an awful lot of interest because it's the natural next step, right. The Government knows this, they know now and they knew then that questions are going to be asked and guy's they've initiated this.


Because something big is coming, they need us to know more about it.

We're being prepared.

It's logic, it's a classic case of start a specific conversation, lead the conversation, validate the evidence. When you then reveal the next part of it the public will follow your instruction. Because you validated their biggest question by revealing to them the answer.

It's not just that UFOs are real, it's what lay behind UFOs and as they're off world, it means that Aliens are real.

If UFOs are real, then it stands to reason that Extraterrestrial life is. The Government has only confirmed one which is the UFO part. So process of elimination means that something big is coming!

The wild west is coming to town. Only thing is, it's UFOs and the new believer's are coming through. Is it a good thing...

Making sense of it is the hardest part because if it's a fake UFO sighting over Veracruz in Mexico then it's going to be difficult from the start to unravel the mystery. Faking a UFO sighting is a devious, dishonest act so unraveling it is going to be hard. If I was born with innate detective abilities then that would be great, but I'm definitely as human as you are... I think, lol.

I'll never get every single one right, calling a UFO sighting real or a hoax, I'm working with a tight margin of error and looking back on the UFOs that I've backed as being real, we know that statistically speaking it's impossible that every one is real. So, I've got to re-evaluate the UFO sighting situation as to what's real or possibly real, likely real and a straight up hoax.

1. Possible.

2. Real.

3. Hoax.

But, in my defense about backing UFO sighting's, I don't normally write about the UFO hoaxes. So looking back at all the sighting's that I've backed in the past, of course it's going to look that way, right. That I only write about something which I think is real. It speaks to itself, it's exactly what it is, it's me only posting about the UFO sighting "that I think is real" and that's okay.

Okay I've explained that in fifty different ways from the Sun, you get the jist.

People will look at the image which represents this post when it's shared and they'll think that's a fake, he's writing about a fake. Thinking that I'm backing it is one thing but if people looked they'd see it's the opposite. But that's the world for you. It's another example of what many UFO researcher's on the whole do. They (we) observe and give our opinions. That's the top and bottom of this whole Ufology genre. Observe, report back and present my findings.

It looks like a Squirrels nut, it's the invasion of the Squirrel kind. We've all seen Rick and Morty lol.

Kecksburg Pennsylvania USA cone shape UFO sighting 1965.

Mockup of the Kecksburg UFO made for the U"nsolved Mysteries" TV program in 1990. The object is displayed at the Kecksburg Volunteer Fire Department in Pennsylvania.

NBC News 

Something I never used to buy into was "if it's to good to be true, it probably is." Taking the human aspect into the scenario is taking people at their word. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt. It's really not a bad thing, it's very naive but it's not a bad thing. Maybe for Ufology it's a bad thing, and so that's another example of why being tough to be kind must apply in this situation and individual scenarios. The UFO event demands a tough stance because it's not doing it any favours by "giving people the benefit of the doubt."

UFOs are alway's going to be contentious and bring out strong feelings for a lot of people. Because a lot of people have filmed a "UFO" and because it's a belief system now, it's gonna bring out strong emotions. We've all read the comments on many different blogs, social media platforms and when they manage to be featured in the news, people feel strongly because if you question it, your questioning them and their integrity.

People fly drones deliberately and unintentionally in the hope, and by misunderstanding - that someone films it with it ending up on the news or in someone's social feed trending for UFO sighting over X, Y and Z. A drone is given as a gift, the person who received it then goes in the back yard and see's how high he or she can fly it. It's normally a guy because it's generally a guy gift.

Straight away it's in the atmosphere just missing airplanes flying in the area. Yes there's a limit on how high you can fly a drone, but who's gonna read the rules before they fly a brand new drone, all shiny and new looking. Probably not me neither?

Next thing, there's a massive UFO sighting in your area and that's the unintended consequences of drones. It's turned out to be a bad thing that UFOs and drones have evolved plus became mainstream side by side right at the same time.

Like that really fit's the description of what we're seeing here. I'm a believer just like the next guy and I really want UFOs, Extraterrestrial life to be found but I've got this rational side of me (we all have) and it's telling me that this is a spoof. It's a balloon or an air model of some kind.

It's good, but just not good enough and as they say "close but no Cigar, next."

An incident involving the small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania USA occured and this is what's jumping out in my mind as to  anything else that's similar to the UFO sighting that I'm writing about now. Here's the jist of the huge acorn shaped UFO that happened in 1965, over 50 year's ago now.

The date is Dec. 9, 1965:

Residents see a ball of fire shooting through the darkening evening sky and then, seemingly, the object — purportedly shaped like a jumbo-sized acorn after impact — makes some sort of controlled crash into the woods.


I've been ill for weeks now with a type of lung infection which is constantly giving me awful mucus 🤧 it's definitely hindering me from writing.

Anyway, I've come to call this one the "Squirrels acorn." Okay I'm kinda going against my own rules as I'd normally write and talk about how we must give everyone a chance and I'd talk about such thing's as "who are we to say it's not real" but I suppose we've got to keep it real, it's all about the context details to every sighting.

I've still got thinking to do about just exactly what I accept and what is blatantly or obviously not a UFO. I think also because I was alway's defending the eye witness to the UFO sighting, I think that played a part in my earlier decision making. I'll always defend anyone who has genuinely caught a UFO sighting on camera.

Some folk don't know what they're seeing and people are taking the p*** out of them and questioning their honesty, why wouldn't I defend someone? I'll always defend you, if you filmed a genuine UFO sighting and people troll you, of course I'd defend anyone because it's the right thing to do. The best thing to do is ignore them. That's my best advice from now onwards.

Believe it or not, I don't even think it should be a thing in this day and age but people will always use the internet and the relative anonymity of this, to troll other's. It's called constructive feedback guy's, it's constructive criticism which is alway's welcomed but if you can't do that, then jog on.

Here's the extraordinary and unique UFO sighting Tweeted by Dariotrv and retweeted by Off World UFO Report:

If you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers. And please share this post, I'd appreciate it thank's.

Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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