Alien Looking Protrusions From The Ground Look Like They're From A Horror

These are the most oddest looking Alien type of "something" sticking out from the ground that you'll probably ever see.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing so I had to do a bit more digging through the archive's and omg it's like something from a horror movie.

Alien looking mushrooms.
Dan Hoare Twitter

Stinkhorn mushroom explodes from it's sack.
Dan Hoare Twitter

Stinkhorn mushroom with tentacles.
Dan Hoare Twitter

Fully extended Stinkhorn mushroom.
Dan Hoare Twitter

I've added a Gif below which shows us the Stinkhorn mushroom actually sped up on camera exploding from it's sack.

Aliens, that's what these really do look like and maybe our imagination has been shaped by the movie Alien.

In fact, it looks like it really is from an Alien horror movie called "Alien" the one with the mouth! The egg sacks look remarkably similar to the actual movie or vise versa. There's a fast motion video of the "mushroom hatching" which that in itself does not seem right. Mushroom's don't hatch, mushroom's don't burst out from an egg sack!

It looks really gross lol. At first I thought it was a hoax, like something the early tourist's would create as an exotic animal with the head of a Monkey, the body of a Chicken and the tail of a fish. Or as if it's from a curiosity shop? A curio cabinets most valued artefact. A treasured item from the black lagoon lol.

And it's found in the UK which doesn't seem right, everything is boring here in the UK, I didn't know we had anything remotely similar to this? Did you?

These mushrooms are real, they're native to New Zealand and here's a quick quote about them from the Metro:

This is a clathrus archeri fungus, known as the ‘octopus stinkhorn’, ‘phalloid fungus’ and ‘devil’s fingers’, and it has just been spotted growing in the New Forest. What you can see in the above picture is the egg sac stage, with the long foul-smelling red fingers of the fungus ready to ooze out from within. The mushrooms are native to New Zealand and Australia and made their way over to Europe in 1914, believed to have been introduced first to France through military supplies during the start of the First World War. The four arms are covered in an olive-brown foul-smelling goo, called ‘gleba’, which attracts flies. The fungus isn’t actually carnivorous though, instead it covers the flies in the spore-bearing gleba and turns them into ‘agents of dispersal’.

Metro 2015 

Apparently the Stinkhorn is edible but only in the egg stage, you can actually eat it but please don't because the related C. rubber (brown goo I assume) is known to cause horrible side effects including convulsions and cancer.

Strange mushroom explodes from it's sack like an Alien.

Alien looking mushroom explodes from within it's sack.

Everything about these mushrooms are disgusting. There's a really good reason for them belonging to the fungi family! Because it's a fungus. When something is off or it's depicted as bad for you, pictures of mushrooms growing on said thing makes it look disgusting and that's by design, because it is.

But we love the idea that these are Alien looking. Movies must have been inspired by at least one of these mushrooms because the resemblance is uncanny.

Here's the extraordinary video which looks very bizarre:

This is probably a doppelganger of a real mushroom which has been replaced by an evil cousin, lol.
Check out this Google search of the Stinkhorn mushroom.

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Credit: Dan Hoare Twitter/Metro/Ufo_alien1 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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