UFO Sighting Over Rotherham In The UK Yesterday 6th January 2023

Here's a UAP sighting that's literally just happened yesterday morning at 7:30am over Rotherham South Yorkshire England.

If you like the UAP videos and have wondered ever since if they can be seen in normal vision (because the official UAP's was filmed in Infrared) then we could be looking at one here.

There's a lot of UFO Orbs all over the place including Rotherham South Yorkshire England 6th January 2023.

Orbs absolutely everywhere, since they was caught on the ISS live feed passing by it, they've been filmed absolutely everywhere.

Where are they now?

Have the US Government been tracking them ever since the initial early UAPs showing up over the Nimitz aircraft carrier and Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carriers? It stands to reason when we take into account the secret military satellites that are recording in most parts of the light spectrum. They could simply follow anything that they want to especially if they just rewind to a specific time and place.

Here's the witnesses statement:

Hi, this happened over Rotherham, UK on the 6th January 2023 at 7:30am. We initially thought it was Mars as it was stationary so we got out SkyView app and realised it wasn’t any planet star or ISS so I checked flight radar and the only aircraft above was a US Military refuelling plane which we could see… it then started moving around like nothing we’ve ever seen making sharp turns. It then had a white light illuminate on it which flashed then it switched off seconds later then it shot off in a blur and we never saw it after that.

J. Lindley 

The UK is a real magnet for UFOs and UAPs which are being reported all the time. The local news and media outlets don't seem to have a problem with writing about UFOs as well, which is a relatively new thing to be honest with you (as they've normally in the past) either ignored them or ridiculed the UFO sighting's if they did cover any?

Here's a fantastic video post showing a UFO (UAP Orb) harrasing a satellite.

Thing's change when people are given the correct information, it's happened with the US Government, US military and the Navy especially!

Here's the extraordinary video which was sent to me today Saturday, 7th January 2023:

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Credit: J. Lindley/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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