Guy Shine's UFO With Laser It Reacts By Flashing A Light Back

This could possible be the first ever communication with a UFO that we have on film.

Look, it's not sensationalism or trying to put spin on some "story" or second hand information because it's a literal translation of what happens in the video!

UFO flashing because a green laser beam has been shone at it.

Close up of the UFO reacting to a green laser beam.

We're possibly seeing here for the first time a UFO reacting to a green laser beam and that means it's "maybe" communicating with human beings?

Literally speaking, a laser is shone at a UFO, the said UFO then get's brighter straight after the green laser is shone at it. That's the literal translation of the video content.

There's not one single point of that run through that is wrong, it's not misleading or incorrect. Therefore, because it's a true UFO and it's not identified as yet, guy's this really could be a first time communication with a UFO? I do know that literally speaking, that's exactly what it is.

UFO reacting to a laser light.

But, now here's the part where it's thrown open to everyone and the UFO deniers come out the woodwork to poo poo the idea or any ideas (come to think of it) that this could possibly be a UFO communicating or reacting to the laser pointer. Let's instead, throw it open and just ask "what do you see" because this is where we will spot the deniers straight away.

They won't be able to even say what they see!

Look, I don't mind people not wanting to believe in UFOs (even though it's now the age of UAP disclosure). In fact good on you for being an individual and standing up for what you believe in. That's exactly what I do. But denier's, well it's, or should I say "they" are another case altogether! Literal translation, it just doesn't register. They deny that UFOs happen.

Some talk about a false flag UFO invasion that will result in their gun's or some solar panels being banned or taken away from them? Also off gridding will be illegal. Which it can't be.

Hopefully you get my point? Somebody will say it's not what we're seeing and it's smoke and mirrors. But, we just cannot get away from the fact that if we just "say what we see" then it is, what it is. It's a UFO reacting to a green laser pointer being pointed directly at it.

If someone "has" choreographed the whole event, because I'm rational thinking, that's not out of the realms of possibility to. But if they have then it's on them. It's their hideous nature coming to the forefront and as a devious, dishonest person I just hope people near to them realise just what type of a person they are!

But, like I said I'm looking at the video and I'm just calling out what I see. But, if I added it to the whole host of decades worth of UFO information that I've gone through, then it's another piece of the jigsaw. When will I make my own mind up? I already have done, that's why I have chosen to research UFO sighting's and make it my career. It's something bigger than everything else that's ever been and ever will be, I bloody like that!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

I alway's like to come back to the one thing that has alway's given me a really good night's sleep.

"Just one" that's all it needs to be. Just one UFO, Extraterrestrial in origin. And we've got thousands possibly hundreds and hundreds of thousands of UFO sighting's which even after sifting through and are left with 20% that are highly probably. Actually, even 10% or 5%. You know what, let's take it right down to China town and just 1%. It only takes one of those many UFOs out of every single UFO sighting that's ever happened, recorded and officially recognised.

Like a tree falling in the forest, do we hear it?

If a UFO flies through the atmosphere and nobody sees it, was it there?

It's funny because it's alway's been a case of what we're actually seeing isn't what we're seeing which has always been the Government stance. How can a government agency ie NASA say that what we're seeing, is not what we're seeing but yet not comment on UFOs? In fact they haven't asked for a copy of any UFO video to examine it and then give their expert opinion. It's just always been a stance without even looking into or at the evidence! It definitely doesn't make sense. You'll find that most of the time it's a load of blown out of proportion double speak.

Same with the ISS live feed cameras catching a UFO. When the cameras come back on NASA doesn't even mention the UFO... It's just carry on like nothing happened. They don't reference it, they don't acknowledge it. That's why NASA was probably left out of the UAP disclosure! Actually, the US Government sidetracked NASA and released it themselves instead of their "go to" guy's lol.

Even though looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space is NASA's prime directive!

They got sidetracked.

Anyways, I'm going to be quiet now and just play that funky video. It was sent to myself by belief_chief Instagram:

It's a truly wonderful UFO sighting, it's definitely different, it's a fresh idea to see if these UFOs are under intelligent control... It seems or it would seem that we have an answer!

If you've got any thoughts on this post, please share it with us in the comments section below, cheers.

Credit: belief_chief Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Yes I say it's a ufo . 90 percent .. I see them here .


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