President Bidens Ears Changed From Lug's To Lobes

Just like this video actually say's "didn't know earlobes could change like that" and yes they don't change.

Unless you've had plastic surgery or had a clone stand in for you, then this shouldn't be even happening to your body.

President Bidens ears have completely and utterly changed.

These have completely changed their shape from lobes to lugs but it could be the other way around?

There's got to be a different answer to him being a clone lol. Something else entirely "way to big that to even mention it means instant ridicule." Like, there's at least 2 Bidens because as President, the continuity of the top office has to be guaranteed. See, I told you it's strange. But, you know what, we could just stay quiet while we point at the "before and after video footage?"

Although we're allowed to talk about whatever takes our fancy, it would be better if we had a comment from himself? But, I get this strange feeling that he's not going to be answering any questions about why he decided to have a chin and neck job done? Saggy flap of skin underneath the chin, it's gone! No sagging skin that continues growing like the ear lugs. It's entirely his perogative and it's up to himself if he wants to lower his chin to his elbows or stretch his big floppy ears to his big toe.

That's what we call "Democracy in action." Or, there's a more stranger reason for this? It's been rumoured that a lot of high profile figures have had clones or doubles created. Okay after you've calmed down and stopped laughing. Did you know...

Barbara Streisand has had her Dog cloned two times because she couldn't bare to not have it around.

I kid you not, here's here actual quote:

"I had to continue her DNA" Barbra Streisand has spoken out about her decision to clone her dog Samantha, twice. Speaking to The Times, the Hollywood actor recalled the moment her pet, which was a Coton de Tulear breed, was lying on her deathbed in 2017 and the Funny Girl star realised she “couldn't bear to lose her”.

Independent - via The Times

So, you see, if they can clone a Dog with a heart, working brain, intricate organs, blood vessels and nerves, a nervous system and everything else that it takes to not only create a Dog but create a specific Dog, a Dog that's already had a life. A Dog that's already lived, been born and died... And now it's 100% "actually" been reincarnated (I mean) cloned... 

Seriously that's a matter of fact!

Then YES human beings can definitely be cloned, reincarnated.

Okay Bidens ears really aren't going to 100 percent clarify or shed light on this at all. But, it serves as a gateway into the conversation which as it stands right now, cloning a Dog into existence through science is real. That means a living human being, a breathing "did I say complicated" human being can be cloned.

Same science just a different blood sample.

Dog can and has been available for a long time. Designers babies exist in  the USA.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: Kbalci80 Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/@ufosightingsfootage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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