Guy Hid In His Car To Film This Flying Saucer From Edwards Air Force Base

This is the craziest story you'll ever hear, just put yourself in the shoes of this guy after over-hearing security guards talking about moving something.

The white Flying Saucer that was secretly filmed from a parked car 2012.

This white Disk really get's around, you'll discover just where it goes as you read on.

The guy Jeff Kurst and Jason Moyer's actually goes on the History channel and tells the world about basically how he could have broken the official secrets act!

If it's not the official secrets act then the security guards must be in trouble for number 1, talking about a military operation off the base in a public place and 2, someone has obviously used information from them, no matter how it was obtained, but this sensitive information came from them and the guy was able to hide and film the full shebang!

Someone's going in the brig, someone's cleaning the toilet with his toothbrush! A d rightly so if you ask me, what happens in the military stays in the military, imagine if it was in an enemy country?

So, let's let's look at this story.

Have you ever heard something that made you so curious, you just had to investigate? It's May 30th 2012 and it's very late evening. That's what happened to a guy who was out late one night and overheard two security guards talking about moving something from Edward's Air Force base, California. The guards were being really secretive and cagey about it, and because it was being moved at 1:30 in the morning, the guy thought that was strange.

So, he drove near to the place where he heard the guards would be transporting the cargo and hid in his car. He started filming the freeway when he saw the first cop car coming with it's light's on. It was coming up from behind the car, to his left. He knew he was doing wrong, but when he saw the huge police escort and the white Flying Saucer on the low loader, he couldn't stop filming. His heart was racing, this is what he's telling the History channel.

This guy was brave if you ask me because this is the military, it's no joke filming them guy's especially when your effectively ambushing them even if it's just with a camera! But, curiosity  got the better of him and he decided to investigate it, something that was so strange and the unknown.

Another sighting of this craft not long before the one at Edwards AFB in 2011 in Cowley County, Kansas. And it looks exactly the same as this one. Check out the link at the website called Military:

Residents in Cowley County, Kansas are still talking about a mystery craft, seen being towed down US 77.


Then it was confirmed as been in Washington DC in June 2012 because we can check the link here, there's photo's and it states it was seen on a flatbed low loader (same white Flying Saucer) with this image.

A white Flying Saucer on a low loader flatbed truck.

We're establishing a timeline for the white Disk. After California, Washington DC it was seen in Kansas and then it ended up in Maryland at a Naval base.

Continuing story.

He was also lucky that he wasn't caught by the police or the security guards. It's a story that will be remembered for a long time, if not by the world but you can guarantee that he will never forget it and it's a reminder to us all that sometimes, curiosity really does pay off. I've since found out that apparently this is a US Navy aircraft. But guy's, why has the US military ploughed money into (time and time again) Disk shaped craft's? What pray tell did they not learn from the time before? Why did they decide to invest another fortune into a craft it knew fine well that it was never going to fly?

The aircraft, a U.S. Navy X-46B, was being transported from West Virginia to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in southern Maryland, WTOP reported last night.

Manufactured by Boeing, the X-46 was an experimental model partially funded by the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency first rolled out in 2000. But it was quickly deemed redundant when Northrop Grumman introduced the X-47 in 2003.


Guy's, just remember that we do not fly this type of aircraft! We never have, despite the many, many different prototype's that has been created which is a lot. You'd think that they'd have learnt their lesson... It's not ours, we've never flown any type of disk whatsoever. No matter how many prototypes the Navy or the Army, Air Force or other, we've never flown anything exotic whatsoever like a Disk.

Here's the extraordinary evidence of possible Extraterrestrial craft's on Earth:

I think it's an established timeline of the white Flying Saucer (Disk) from 2011 to 2012. Why has it traveled across the country and with a heavy police present? They could have thrown a large piece blue plastic sheet to at least cover it up? Or, is that what the white is, a white sheet of plastic all around the Disk?

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Credit: UASvision/Military/History Channel/Science Channel/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. I saw it go thru Augusta ks from the east going west on 400. As fast as I snapped pics the pics were being deleted off my phone. Cadillac Escalades escorted it front and rear. Several of them. Cops made all lanes get off the hiway. It was wrapped in blue plastic.

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