UFO Orb Deliberately Stopping And Dimming A Light What Is It

This UFO sighting see's a strange Orb, one I've not seen in a while because this one seems to be flying, stopping and hovering then repeating.

UFO Orb sighting March 12th 2021 downtown Los Angeles CA USA.

The yellow Orb is a zoom in to the Orb by the witness of the UFO sighting.

He sent 3 image's which have different filters applied at different stages from the video. I'll add the other images with filters further in the post.

UFO Orb sighting downtown Los Angeles on the 12th March 2021.

Strange UFO sighting over Los Angeles California US 12th March 2021.

This UFO Orb is bizarre looking when zoomed into it. There's a lot of details in the Orb like this and the witness actually has stated to me that if we look closely, we can see a being inside of it? I'm not sure about it because it's a small UFO Orb, it'd have to be extremely small. But, how big is an Alien? We just don't know.

The witness just contacted me with this UFO video and after looking into it, there's many point's I'd like to make. It's very difficult to say what this is, but it's showing an intelligent decision making process behind the showing down, stopping and hovering. It's light dims and brightens. It's hovering without any sounds and no visible means of propulsion. What's powering this because something has to be powering it, right? So, what is this UFO and what's the likelihood it's man-made, can we rule out the most obvious suspects?

Normal everyday items like trash flying in the wind, that doesn't light up. Ruled out.

Chinese lanterns don't stop and start, ruled out.

Balloons don't follow the rules of hovering in the air, flying in one direction, they don't have light's turning on and off. Ruled out.

But now we come to the most obvious.

Drones, while yes this could possibly be a drone, I don't believe that the witness has anything to do with it because when you hear his voice, and you take his statement into account I don't think anything underhanded is at play.

Some people receive gift's of drones, and they head straight to the back yard and set it up! It's up in the air before you can say "what's that." Next thing they're testing how high it goes, testing the lights, the hovering abilities, flying in jerking movements etc. All thing's associated with flying a drone. This one could be a drone, the light could be a part of a drone, but something tells me that this is not a drone.

Rational open mindedness insists that we keep an open mind on every UFO sighting especially relating to it's origins. Because if we don't we run into making conclusions as opposed to explanations based in rationality. Even though there's possible other factors at play here, we've only got the video, the statement and that's pretty much it. This could be a drone, but equally it might not be.

We can't jump to conclusions based on a light stopping at intervals and hovering in the night sky. But I've taken note that it's flying within the range of a drones height ceiling.

But, also we can't dismiss the witnesses perspective and the immediate effect on witness because of the UFO and how it made him feel.

Here's his statement:

The video is the second video after my phone turned off and then while I was recording after the video, my phone turned off once again, and then turn back on till I got downstairs. The other pictures that I am sending are photo snaps of the orb up close and I was using different filters to see if I saw anything and as you can see, looks like there’s something inside of the orb, the closely small figure with a big long gated head and shoulders. That’s just what I see. After that video came towards me in a fast speed that’s when I actually went inside and didn’t go back out the rest of the night.

Name supplied 

Did the UFO have an effect on his phone? Again, something was in the sky, I'm not going to jump to conclusions yet but I'll be honest with you and give you my own personal opinion on UFO Orbs after many, many year's seeing every single kind of possible UFO. Okay not personal UFO sighting's but being the guy that people send UFO report's to.

I've tried a lot of times to narrow down the UFO Orbs to where they could have come from and believe me that is like hiking up Mount Everest! It's an almost impossible task, almost impossible.

A while ago we had the ISS live feed cameras (the go to UFO feed) filmed many unknown objects literally just walking by the space station, some was extremely slow. It was almost as if they was giving the ISS that "stink eye" from the corner of the room. As if to say what are you doing in space, you don't belong here! So, NASA catches all these UFOs all the time. One such event saw hundreds of UFO Orbs passing by, which you can see here.

Not long after this event UFO Orb sighting's grew exponentially. That's how I was able to know what to look for. When did the UFO Orbs really take off?

As an open-minded person, I'll just say that the argument against this been a large UFO Orb sighting was some people pointing to it and saying the light's was nothing more than the Earth at night passing by the ISS cameras in the background.

There you go, both arguments which you will not get from other "open-minded UFO believer's." People like to give their own personal opinion and not the argument against. But, I want the truth and how can anyone be expected to get to the truth with half a story, that's upside down. So I try to right it the correct way up and hopefully in this way, I'm contributing to Ufology giving the best, quality information available to me. Even if it's opinion based and where fact's are few and far between. It's Ufology, fact's are hard to come by because Ufology was born in a time where as a matter of public opinion you was deemed insane just for talking about it, people was sacked, put in asylum's and demonised just for saying that there could be life on another planet just like our own.

One newspaper actually wrote a retraction (and an apology), a retraction for publicly humiliating Aliens after linking them to a certain group here on Earth. (Lol) check out this image, it'll brighten up your day.

But seriously, I believe I've written enough, I absolutely love writing about UFOs and I could write forever about information on Ufology as researching the Ufology genre, I can't help but try to retain as much as I can even though my memory isn't what it was. I'll alway's try to improve my memory skill's, I have to I've got no choice. I don't really want to go into it but I have to continue making efforts to improve my memory, the alternative doesn't bare thinking about.

Here's the fantastic video showing a UFO Orb, there's also 3 images which the witness has taken of the UFO and putting them through a filter to bring out the he details:

Here's the recent written update I've just been sent by the witness regarding the date of the UFO sighting and place plus the time:

March 12,2021. At 01:07am downtown Los Angeles. At Stanley Mosk Courthouse on rooftop. Did you see inside of the orbital? It looks like there’s a figure you should see the other videos and pictures that I have. I’m still trying to find them on the cloud so pretty amazing as well.

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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