UFO Sighting Leaves Trail February 2023 Sweden, Norrtälje

Video shows a UFO leaving a trail flying through and then underneath the clouds, according to the eyewitness this was just after the Lake Huron object.

UFO sighting flying through the cloud's over Sweden 12th February 2023.

Fantastic UFO screenshot above "without" a filter to bring out the features of the cloud trail and the UFO itself.

The UFO sighting streaking through the atmosphere.

UFO leaving a trail behind it coming out of the cloud.

There's a great trail being left behind this UFO as it comes straight through the cloud and that's not normal, I'd assume?

A lot is going on, without a doubt we're all living in strange times straight out of a sci-fi novel. It's on a par with the epic Orson Welles The War Of The Worlds radio drama.

To bring out the UFO more, I just used the filter on Canva called "solar."

This UFO sighting occurred over Sweden, Norrtälje just yesterday after the downing of the octagon UFO over Lake Huron, Michigan, USA and that's according to the eye witness to this UFO sighting.

Here's the witness statement:

There were seven in total. 12th February 2023.

Frontida Astronauter 

It's not a lot of statements from the witness but it's a lot in terms of date, place and observation. Some people don't share any information whatsoever.

So, the eyewitness does say that there were 7 UFOs in total but the video only shows 1 maybe 2 as it's quite difficult to work it out. The rest must have been either before the filming started or after he stopped filming them. But the first UFO leaving the trail as it flies straight through the clouds, that's an unknown object until it's confirmed.

And because of the UFO activity around the United States at this moment, we could be looking at something to do with that.

Is this rocket (if that's what it is) being sent out to intercept another UFO?

Who sent this object out and is it civilian or commercial?

I'm wondering if we'll ever get to know what this one is.

Is it an innocent shooting star?

There are more questions than answers and guys, we all know that something strange is unfolding, not just over the USA but Italy, Argentina, China and Canada including the US. It's been 4 objects in 2 weeks albeit the last 3 UFOs are the most important to UFO believers because it's these which could be historical and life-changing for every single human being.

I say life-changing because we could be starting to realize that life does exist out there on another planet. We could change the way we refer to history from this time onwards ie before ET and after ET. It's plausible but that's only if it's Extraterrestrial life, right?

What's the possibility of danger for humans?


Absolutely none.

We'd know by now so there's no threat to human beings and guy I'm afraid to say that we might have been a bit too fast to shoot them down.

What if they were announcing themselves?

Is this shooting down of the UFOs our Government telling Extraterrestrials that we're not ready yet?

Will we get another chance to integrate with life outside of this planet?

Will the Alien shut the door now to any more future communications?

Have we messed up?

Seriously, what if this stupid Government has just severed any possible ties with Extraterrestrial life?

Okay, the Cylindrical shape UFOs did pose a threat I understand that because of aeroplanes autopilot flying from one place to another. But the pilots still have eyes to see anything.

If they were interfering with the Air Force jet's instruments, what if they were just trying any channel to communicate with them and were trying all possible channels and the pilots didn't interpret this properly?

The Jet pilot wasn't able to identify the propulsion system! Not being able to identify the propulsion system means that this Cylindrical UFO structure is straight-up bizarre.

When pushed for answers NORAD commander Gen. Glen D. Vanherck said; 

"The last 3 objects were similar in size and shape and  refused to categorize them as balloons."

"An Octagonal structure with strings hanging off but no discernible payload."

"We're calling them objects for a reason. I'm not able to categorise how they stay aloft. We cannot rule out anything."

Gen. Glen. D Vanherck NORAD Commander 

Lake Huron is one of the five Great Lakes of North America. Hydrologically, it comprises the easterly portion of Lake Michigan–Huron, having the same surface elevation as Lake Michigan, to which it is connected by the 5-mile-wide, 20-fathom-deep Straits of Mackinac. Wikipedia.

Here's the fantastic video showing the UFO leaving a trail coming out through the cloud:

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Credit: Frontida Astronauter/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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