NASA Engineer's Totally Ignore Silver Metallic UFO For A Long Time

This UFO is so blatant that I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around the fact that these "typical NASA employees" just carry on totally ignoring it like it's not even there!

Closer look at the ISS live feed cameras UFO.

NASA just ignored a UFO right in front of the ISS.

It's very bizarre don't you think, because at the very least they should mention the UFO because they know they are on TV and people will be seeing this.

We're seeing NASA ignore this UFO which has wider implications. It's more than obvious that NASA ignores UFOs, but this is taking the biscuit!

These engineer's working for NASA are supposedly looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space, oh my god you can't make this stuff up. Working at NASA should come with a health advice "warning after 10 day's work you may become jaded, despondent a tad bit docile" lol.

Now show us them UFOs.

We have a right to see them, you all work for the taxpayer, it's funded by the people so cough up the UFOs and stop looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial life, we'll get another crew on it, you go home take a well earned rest.

Sarcasm, you've gotta love it.

There's a good reason why NASA was nowhere near the UAP disclosure! If this video is anything to go by, don't forget about the other UFO sighting's that was picked up by the ISS live feed cameras which was totally ignored. They just turn the cameras off.

Close up of the UFO sighting at the ISS.

It was sighted on the 22nd February 2020 on the ISS live feed, good catch.

With all the technical difficulties that the ISS live feed cameras have had, NASA has never actually fixed anything! How can you fix a fictional technical difficulty?

And there's probably a good reason for this... If they publicly say they've fixed it, the next time a UFO turns up they wouldn't be able to turn off the live feed would they! This is why they don't mention that they've fixed it. And they never address the UFO that came into view just before the cameras go offline.

NASA employees should be required to believe in Extraterrestrials. Otherwise they don't believe in what they're doing!

See what can be achieved when you put people who actually believe in what they're doing! If your looking for evidence of Extraterrestrial life and you don't believe in Alien's... C'mon you shouldn't be working there! That's a universally accepted opinion based on common sense. You must at the very, very least believe in Alien's if your job is to look for evidence of Alien's, that's just common sense. Instead of just been qualified as a scientist or engineer, you must and I cannot stress this enough. You must at least believe in what your doing.

It completely speaks for itself.

Oh, but you can almost guarantee that they'd have some intellectual way of rationalising why they're quite capable of doing the job. End of, I don't want to hear it.

The reason why I think it's a job prerequisite for not believing in Alien's, it's so that you'd have no problems with witholding the information from the public. Because if you was a believer in Alien's, you'd be saying "you must tell the public." Have you ever noticed that when NASA Astronauts or engineer's are asked about the existence of Aliens they say "we've not found it definitely yet" or they say thing's like, nothing indicates intelligent life exists?

Because they don't believe in Alien's.

Yet, they're looking for them? I think the paycheck and prestigious NASA placement outweigh any thoughts on not towing the line.

Look at what Buzz Aldrin say's about it all now, but when he was towing the line in his younger day's he had some very, very different views! 

Just as another example:

It's like having a person look through a telescope for the Moon but that person doesn't believe in the Moon. If they see the Moon, it'll just be explained away as an asteroid in his notes.

Oh I like that example because it sums up how I feel about it all as well. It really does seem like there's a deliberate attempt or effort to not only withold history changing information but that there's also a deliberate attempt to conceal it as well. Witholding info is different to concealing info. Witholding info could just be not saying something because you wasn't asked. Concealing info is a deliberate attempt to mislead and dishonestly cover up something and lie about thing's.

Just 2 day's ago I went on to NASA's multimedia website looking at recent Mars Rover photo's from Sol 711. Guess what, within 10 frames of photo's I'd discovered a UFO in a 3 day's old photo. They've not been asked, so they've not said about it.

This silver UFO starts to peak's it's head up over the bottom of the ISS camera-feed and as it's rising upwards slowly nobody seems to acknowledge it at all. It's been filmed for more than 20 minutes which is the most bizarre thing ever. It doesn't go to Earth, it doesn't do anything that we'd expect this to do if it was a craft associated with human activity. So what's the chances of this been from a different "place altogether and of unknown origin?"

The NASA engineer's simply act as if it's not there at all but yet there it is for the full world to see and it's not even referenced by anyone? What are we supposed to think when we see stuff like this!

But, we all know that the engineer's are trained to do that, to literally ignore it and carry on as if nothing's happening! Because if they even so much as say "what's that" or "look at that" it's gonna be headline news around the world that a UFO made an astronaut jump or a UFO shows up and makes the astronauts yell out.

It's happened before and I dare say that it'll happen again because of what it is and what we now know.

Here's the NASA live feed video:

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Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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