There Is Alien Life And I’ve Seen It | Ex US Secretary Of Energy

This is one of the most convincing stories and claims of an Extraterrestrial cover up that I've probably heard online, in a long while.

Aliens exist and I've seen them John Herrington briefed on Aliens.

Above image, John Herrington who was briefed on Extraterrestrial entities existing in an underground bunker just outside of Washington, DC, USA.

I've known about top, high ranking officials and civil servants telling the truth about Aliens because there's a lot of people coming forward about such thing's but some just stick out more than others, you know.

Take this guy for instance, John S. Herrington ex US Secretary of Energy (amongst other titles like ex Assistant Secretary of the Navy) which you might think something along the lines of the Secretary of Energy, how does that have anything to do with Extraterrestrial life on Earth?

Reagan administration cabinet member crying himself to sleep after being briefed on the truth about UFOs for many, many weeks in an underground bunker just outside DC.

Richard Dolan Intelligent Disclosure

Well, just the simple fact of being in such a high position of authority and occupying a high profile representative position of the White House. There's also his career which would suggest that he's definitely in a position to have this knowledge. You'd think that the people who take these position's are privy to classified information and top secret information on subjects that both cross every subject but also there's no limits. In otherwords, he's in the President's confidence and trust which comes with responsibilities and at the end of the day, you'd expect a group of people to know about this and not just one person.


There is intelligent life in the universe. It's here. And I've seen it" - John S. Herrington. Under President Reagan was Ast Sec of Navy and then became Sec of Department of Energy. Allegedly briefed for weeks on UFOs & cried himself to sleep.

There's a reason why people in certain position's in Government have to know top secret information, why John Herrington? What did he bring to the club? He wasn't brought into the fold for his health or "stellar personality" it was for a very specific reason! Maybe that's where the answer to other questions lay like say for instance their (Aliens) intentions?

He was told for a reason, but what?

It's only top secret because people do know! Don't be fooled or assume anything with this title because it's misleading. If nobody knew it would be unknown. And, if to many people knew it'd be a cover up. It sits somewhere in the middle. It cannot just be the President of the United States who knows, that wouldn't make sense. Other's definitely need to know, but actually on a "need to know" basis. Nothing would work if just the guy/gal at the top knew, would it? But for many week's John Herrington was apparently briefed in an underground bunker just outside of Washington DC.


JH cried himself to sleep every night for weeks while being briefed on UFOs in an underground base.


Herrington "had Brent drive his car across the country in 1981 because he had just taken a position in the Reagan administration." This is where Herrington allegedly told this story to Friedman.

So, if you've ever wondered if anyone in the US Government has been briefed on Extraterrestrial entities being real but also that they're here on Earth, you'll alway's have the story that John Herrington was briefed on Aliens and that he cried himself to sleep many times because of the implications he knew it would mean for his kids living in this world. Check this link.

UFO International Congress link.

Bryce Zabel - Fear and Loathing on the Trail of the Saucers.

When I first saw this video I thought that's way to fantastic or should I say "that can't be real" because it's a second hand story kind of thing. But, John Herrington at anytime could have denied this or simply distance himself from the whole affair.

Crying after learning that Alien's exist, then going onto do work for the community etc as people have pointed out in the thread of the Twitter video seems like whatever he did learn (if he really did) that it's not good because learning Aliens exist isn't Earth shattering but maybe what else they learnt could be? Their intentions maybe? What they eat, who...

Look, it's all speculation as someone pointed out that after speculation comes exaggeration, then it goes on a Chinese whispers road tour which eventually end's up as a hodgepodge of UFOs and Alien's with underground bunkers, classified this, top secret that and nothing by the person who it all revolves around.

The Reddit thread just refers to the Twitter video which has a long list of 

Here's the video which features Brent Friedman:

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Credit: Bryce Zabel/Richard Dolan Show/Reddit/Twitter/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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