A Large Fleet Of 20 Plus UFOs Flying Past Group Of People Over Canada

Great UFO sighting's happen very infrequently and as it's probably in their very nature to not get caught on camera, it's a privilege to actually be able to film one.

Massive UFO fleet over Milton, Ontario, Canada in 2019.

Large UFO fleet over Canada in 2019.

20 plus UFO Orbs flying past group of friends in Canada 2019.

Ontario Canada had a 20 plus UFO sighting in 2019 and it's definitely a real reason why people should keep an open mind about Extraterrestrial life existing.

So when a whole fleet of UFOs just so happened to pass by your coordinates but way off in the distance that's an absolute privilege!

I've alway's said that's it's a privilege to see a UFO sighting so catching them on camera and a large number of UFOs, that's in the realm's of mind blowing! Catching them as your with the camera is the ultimate in UFO event's and second to that must be when we are able to catch them on CCTV or home security systems.

This fleet of UFOs is filmed flying over Milton, Ontario, Canada in 2020. Guy's, a lot of people have been sending me UFO sighting's and for whatever reason I don't know, but when a UFO sighting is shared with me on Instagram, a lot of the times I simply cannot download any videos!

I can simply take a screenshot of a photo but videos seem to constantly have a grey loading symbol in the centre of the video screen and it's almost as if it's frozen which I'll be honest with you, I've not experienced any freezing of videos or gadget's for years! I didn't even notice until I looked back at how long ago the last time a gadget's screen or whatever had frozen on me!

I'm mentioning this now because it's impacted a lot of UFO report's that people had sent me. Out of all the UFO reports that people wanted the world to see, only around a fraction actually forwarded the videos onto my email box so Instagram's messaging system definitely impacted people wanting a bigger audience to see their epic UFO sighting's.

Going back over the ten's of thousands of messages that people have been sending me over years now, lot's of videos it feels have been released now. It sounds so strange but it genuinely feels like they're being incrementally released! Super strange!

Witness statement:

The video was captured on my phone and I was with 5 other people who also saw it! The sighting happened in Milton Ontario right after an intense rainstorm at approx 1am. Originally it started out as one bright orb and caught the attention of the group of us to a point where we were all staring at it trying to figure out what it was. It then split into two orbs and later a third, took a formation and flew off. Over the course of 10-15 minutes probably 20+ of them appeared and flew off into the same direction.

S. Calvin 

That would make this UFO sighting in 2019 as it was sent to me in Feb 2020. I don't know if any other UFO feeds on Instagram have been effected by this bug in the messages on Instagram but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, would it you?

If you've sent me (@ufosightingsfootage) any UFO sighting(s) in the past and I couldn't download your UFO sighting, I'll be going through as much and as far back as I possibly can and I hope to be able to download it now, then I'll post all of your UFO sighting's?

Is it (or was it) on purpose, I'm not even going there!

For the sake of my sanity I'm simply not even going to entertain any conspiracy theory!

But it is what it is.

Guy's here's the extraordinary video footage of a fleet of UFOs passing by (in strange symbol shapes) in triangle shaped, UFO Orbs with meters and meters between each other:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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