Bizarre Looking Craft Flies Silently Past Witnesses Apartment At Night

The Bahamas is a gorgeous place to stay and it's definitely an even better place to stay and be treated to a front row seat for one of the universe's most spectacular performance, a UFO sighting.

A clear UFO sighting over the Bahamas that looks really bizarre 27th February 2023.

The strangest looking UFO sighting over the Bahamas apartment 27th February 2023.

One of the best examples of bizarre looking UFO sighting's and this was filmed over Bahamas 2 day's ago on the 27th February 2023.

Now if you follow my website blog you'll already know that I have never seen a UFO in my life, but if I was ever gonna be treated to a UFO sighting, I'd want to be in the Bahamas.

The white sandy beaches, the endless activities of beer and entertainment on offer. But then there's the truly amazing UFO sighting's, the really Bizarre looking UFO sighting's I might add. This falls into the latter of bizarre looking UFO sighting's because of it's shape and it's size.

We just don't see anything bigger than a Ping pong ball at the moment. Seriously I am always seeing the smaller UFO Orbs and the button Orb UFO. I'm not complaining I'm simply pointing out that the larger and more detailed UFOs seem to have all gone south for the winter.

Witness statement:

My girlfriend got this video in the Bahamas yesterday 2/27/23.


So it's literally a day and a half old, call it 2 day's ago that this unusual looking UFO was flying over the Bahamas. It's only a short video but that's because of the proximity to the apartment it's been filmed from and the building's that are sandwiching the apartment in front of it.

So you bet your bottom dollar that we're all lucky that we was able to catch it at all, that's an awesome catch K.W.

Thank you for sending me this message with the UFO sighting, I appreciate it.

Guy's if you have any UFOs that you think I should write about then please share it with me, you can message me on Instagram at @ufosightingsfootage or Twitter @ufosfootage and of course you can email me using the contact me page here.

Here's the unusual looking UFO video:

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Credit: K.W/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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