Helicopter Check's Out White Light Blinking In The Sky

Here's what can only be described as a helicopter UFO sighting where the UFO is blinking on and off, it's a white dazzling light, so yet again helicopters are caught just observing UFOs again.

Exxon Refinery Baytown Texas helicopter and white UFO sighting.

Exxon Refinery Baytown Texas US helicopter UFO sighting.

It's probably something that we can't understand yet, it seems like technology doesn't sleep, sobin 75 year's, guy's this could be anything "quite literally."

The helicopter is definitely moving closer to the UFO there's no doubt about that, it's strange because that should not be happening, right 

But there are definitely, definitely without question thing's going on in this world that we don't have a clue about. That's been made abundantly clear. Is this a solid craft, is it a beam of 

Witness statement:

Ok so I was walking out of work from my night shift in Exxon Refinery, Baytown Texas. I saw that the helicopter was just floating over so I thought it was weird what they looking for. That’s when I started recording. Little do know I saw another helicopter so I moved the my cell phone, that’s when I captured the the blinking light. The light blinks going down, and all of sudden goes back up in an instant.


This was February 28, 2022 at 6:25am.

Location was over Exxon Refinery parking lot in Baytown Texas.

When the US Government had the recent upgrade to their own radar and monitoring systems to take into account slow moving object's, this wouldn't have shown up.

But now we know through Lloyd Austin because he literally let the Cat out of the bag on live TV. Fancy the US Government or should I say NORAD monitoring systems not calibrated for slow moving object's! That right there is why the Chinese balloons predecessors wasn't ever shot down before!

It's a great white UFO sighting with the helicopter over Exxon Refinery Baytown Texas.

The above image is of the helicopter just before it slowly sneaks up on the white UFO over Exxon Mobil refinery Baytown, Texas, US.

How many UFO sighting's have happened in the past and people have asked if any unusual pings have appeared on radar? Only to be told, no. Nothing was picked up on radar or "our systems."

Now we find out that they wasn't even bloody calibrated!

So, every single UFO sighting in the history of everything that has happened and the Government said no, it all needs to be re-evaluated and it needs to be put into the pending catagory because they never clarified anything! Fact.

It's all still up in the air. None of them UFO sighting's that had freedom of information or when the military was asked "was there any unusual activity etc" in a specific place. We now know they never had the systems calibrated to take into account slow moving object's.

You cannot make it up.

Because they're only just being detected UFOs now, these crafts have been moving around the world albeit slowly just we see in all the UFO sightings with slow moving UFOs. Now we know why they're all either hovering or crawling through the air slowly.

It's all because it's a method of not being detected!

A loophole in the United States Military NORAD systems has allowed God knows what into the world!

If, you want proof, the world has just gone through 2 weeks of embarrassing UFO shoot downs and Chinese balloons. It does not get anymore embarrassing than that, does it. And it's been going on for years according to Senator John Kennedy in a live TV interview.

These Cylinder shape UFOs and octagonal shaped UFOs, Orb shape UFOs are all what was filmed in just one week. Give it a year and if they release the information I bet you we're going to be seeing all different kinds of UFOs.

Here's a fantastic UFO sighting that was just reported to myself today.

In fact guy's, that's 20 in one day which is pretty normal or average amount daily reported to my UFO Sighting's Footage Instagram page. Please, by all means check out my Instagram page because there's tens of thousands of UFO sighting's that people have sent in.

There's something for everyone especially if you only like Tic Tac shaped UFOs, Cigar shaped UFOs or Orbs, unusual looking UFO sighting's and yes, the very bizarre looking craft's are also posted there.

Here's the extraordinary video:

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Credit: UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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