UFO Turns Away From SpaceX Rocket In Space On Camera

UFO Turns Away From SpaceX Rocket In Space On Camera

I was so hoping that we'd see this UFO turn and low and behold it turns right at the last minute.

If this was a fisheye lens it would arch across the screen so it is not a fisheye lens. Yes there's another UFO in the centre of the screen.

This UFO comes so close to the SpaceX capsule and it turns.

This UFO turns into space which happened just 3 day's ago.

Because the UFO Orb also turned that means it's not a satellite because as we all know satellites are not white Orbs plus satellites are put into orbit! There are 2 UFOs but I'm only interested in the one that turns! The other one in the centre of the screen is slowly rising. This all happens just after stage 2 deployment it says that on the instrument telemetry readout on the video.

SpaceX has an uninvited guest turn up and turn away right in front of its cameras.

This UFO Orb or ball of pure energy is filmed flying past the SpaceX rocket and then just before it gets to the end and nearly off the screen it turns! A UFO turns in space using its own energy with nothing outside as an external force driving it or influencing it.

It feels good to catch one of these suckers turning and who knows it might have an intelligent decision-making process in which it thought it was past the camera and so then it turned upwards?

Video description:

The bright object at SpaceX launch here you can see the change in trajectory.

Jamie Maussan Oficial Instagram 

We've created all sorts of things with AI technology where it learns and these things are pretty much making intelligent decisions as it's on the go. These UFOs are probably 300 years ahead of us give or take a century because as it stands now we don't have anything remotely like an Orb object (yet) even though all signs point to this being our future.

Our technology is shrinking so small it's unbelievable! We can fit inside a cellphone, technology that simply staggers the mind, it numbs the thought process-making skills just trying to grasp all the different types of technology and software with no limits on what it can do.

It might be that universal process of evolution that technology no matter what or where it's created always shrinks in size and most technology is crammed into the smallest of space. A Swiss army knife has everything that you could ever want for a survival experience. So too the timeline of its creation means it's gone through a process of things added to it and it's still stayed small.

We have a tiny Orb-like object exhibiting behaviours just like a larger human made craft. In other words, the Orb can withstand space temperatures, and crushing forces, it can propel itself and it can turn. That's a craft. A very small spaceship.

As an analogy, we have the NASA spacesuit which is a spaceship all in itself. It's a lifeboat in space, it's a capsule, it's a spaceship for want of a better word. But it doesn't look like one. It's named after its behaviour sake. So if we're going to be naming this UFO or Unidentified Flying Object, we should name it after its behaviour... It's a spacecraft because it's in space. Tiny, but it's undoubtedly a spacecraft and it's emitting light so it's got a power source.

Right, so we've pretty much narrowed it down to what it is by observing its behaviour which is the right thing because even human beings act, so we act like human beings. Tigers act like Tigers, right? Things are named after their behaviour and so this is a spacecraft. I'm drumming it home because it's correct we can explain it from many different angles. If it wasn't correct then we wouldn't be able to do that. See this Tweet from El Alienista Doc as he Tweeted this straight away after this UFO sighting happened 3 day's ago.

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Here's another SpaceX UFO sighting link.

SpaceX UFO from 3 years ago.

This was uploaded to YouTube 3 years ago, it's a great UFO example showing that they're not afraid to come close.

Credit: SpaceX/Jaime Maussan Official Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.


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  1. Uh. No. Not a UFO. It's the same small pieces of debris you see floating in nearly every space launch and satellite deployment. Sheez.

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