Double UFO Sighting Over Lansing, IL, USA

Here's the extraordinary evidence of a double UFO sighting caught on camera by the eye witnesses son in Lansing, Illinois, US.

These are UFO Orbs which seem to be colonising the world.

A closer look at the UFO Orb passing by the eye witness.

Credit: Nicole Morgan Instagram.

There's a lot of people filming UFOs around the world and especially Orbs. There's no rhyme or reason to these and the shapes of the UFOs are truly varied.


I'm usually sent around 30 UFO Orb sightings per month maybe more? They're absolutely everywhere on this planet.

Here's the eye witness statement:

It happend in Lansing, IL, USA. 23rd September 2022 around 7pm. My son took the footage. What made him notice it was the fact that it started out as orange glowing lights. Initially he thought a plane was on fire, but then it turned white and that's when he started recording. He saw 7 in total. I'll be happy to provide more info if necessary. Thank you for your time and spreading this information. I still don't know what to make of it.

And so too we don't know what to make of this great UFO sighting. There's so many that just keeping tabs on these is pausing a real challenge. I'm but one man, no secretary or right hand man just me myself and Irene.

I genuinely thought that I'd tracked these UFO Orbs to the ISS live feed which I wrote a post about it. But after thinking about it later on these UFO Orbs have been coming here to Earth for a long time so there's no way that I could have tracked them down to a few years ago.

It did make sense at the time because of the many UFOs flying past the ISS at the time. There was upwards of 30 but these could have joined the others and so it's really just another load of UFOs coming here.

I'll link you to the post here which shows all these UFO Orbs in formation flying together straight past the ISS (International Space Station). It's truly a sight that we shouldn't be seeing because as far as NASA is concerned Extraterrestrial life doesn't exist because they haven't seen it or found it yet. A typical example of a Government comment. It's technically correct but that's not what we want to hear. We want answers to the hundreds of UFOs that have turned up at the ISS live feed and the camera's are turned off.

They still haven't fixed it because it's giving them an excuse everytime a UFO turns up. When the live feed is established again they do not mention it at all. It's like it didn't happen! That's how we know it's a UFO. Because they've turned off the camera and refuse to acknowledge what we clearly saw on the live feed.

Why do you think NASA wasn't involved with the UAP disclosure?

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

They was left out probably on purpose because NASA could have a secret deal where they don't discuss or get involved with exposing UFOs or the "entities that created these intelligent crafts."

It's just an opinion, nothing more and nothing less. But the thing is it all makes complete sense even if there's more than one way to explain NASA's inaction.

It's so sad because all we want is for them to answer the stuff that is on their videos. We want them to comment on actual object's in the live feed, it's not like we want their opinion on something that we cannot see. We can actually see the objects in their live feed, NASA please answer the question and tell us what they are? Don't say debris because debris cannot turn by itself in space.

This UFO sighting from over Lansing IL USA must have come from somewhere? It must have gone somewhere and it must be somewhere right now? If only we had some way of filming the Earth from space... We'd be able to rewind the video recordings and see where they went and where they started out from that would be great.

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Credit: Nicole Morgan Instagram/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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