USO Or UFO Light Under The Surface Of Florida's Sea

I recently stumbled upon a strange sighting that was sent to me a long time ago through the DMs in Instagram.

Strange UFO under the water or Unidentified Submerged Object USA.

Underwater UFO sighting or USO in Miami-Dade.

Here's 1 of 2 possible answers, number 1 it's a USO anomaly or 2 it's just mistaken for a scuba diver?

Unfortunately I have only just got the message along with hundreds and hundreds of peoples message's.


We might never know what it is but it's definitely a something.

I've just spent 2 hour's going through the messages and I've not even made a dent in the stack of sightings that people have sent me over year's.

The anomaly appears to be a UFO or USO just under the surface of the ocean. This occurred in Dade City, FL. Witnesses reported seeing an unidentified submerged object in the water and even heard someone ask if it was a scuba diver. While this may seem bizarre, there could be a logical explanation for this anomaly of the sea.

Upon further investigation, it's possible that the object in question could be a submerged drone or remote-controlled vehicle. With technology advancing at a rapid pace, it's not uncommon for hobbyists or even researchers to explore the depths of the ocean with these devices.

Of course, there's always the possibility that this sighting truly is extraterrestrial in nature. While it may seem far-fetched, we can't rule out the possibility of intelligent life beyond our planet. Regardless of the explanation, this sighting is certainly intriguing and leaves us with plenty of questions about the mysteries that lie beneath the surface of our oceans.

Strange underwater UFO or USO Sighting which stands for Unidentified Submerged Object and we can hear the witness ask out loud if it's a scuba diver.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Just that one statement is enough to pique my attention because it doesn't sound like a hoaxer. People hoaxing it wouldn't even touch upon any doubt whatsoever.

Okay it's only based on a couple of words but then there's the obvious USO itself which tells it's own story without any interpretation. It's a blue light under the water, it shouldn't be there we can be certain of that.

So what is this underwater UFO doing in this area? It's from 2 year's ago. It's intriguing and there has to be an explanation of why this light is there in the first place?

Please share your thoughts on this and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below, cheers. Also please share this post, thanks.

Credit: Onlyindade Instagram/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Canva.

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  1. While your positive hope and brilliant deduction it may be a submersible doesn't totally dismiss UFO suspicions. I'm elderly but did hear 30 years ago amour lights deep in the ocean. Christopher Columbus wrote in his Captains Log seeing some strange circular lit up object arise deep from the ocean into the upper atmosphere with the greatest of speed and made an abrupt right turn and rapidly disappear into the deep heavens above. This was loooong before our technology and drones or deep USOs got here. I'm skeptical it is UFOs. They are appearing all over the planet and not trying to hide it any more. Plenty of eye witnesses too even in bright daylight. It's getting scary 😧 👽


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