Clear Flying Saucer Supposedly Caught On Camera

An anonymous report of a silver metallic flying disk caught on camera in what looks like Alaska has surfaced but is it all it claims to be?

Potential UFO hoax in a flying disk video.

Potentially a UFO hoax using layering in video.

While the existence of this supposed UFO may seem intriguing, further analysis is required. However, upon investigation, I have reason to believe that this sighting is likely a hoax. 


My doubts stem from the fact that I could not find any other evidence of this sighting online. After filtering the video, it appears that there is a significant amount of layering and pasting involved. These findings lead me to conclude that this supposed UFO sighting is most likely a hoax.

Anyone can report a UFO sighting and remain anonymous as it's Ufology and there's a stigma attached to this genre.

Everything else in the image is blurred, fuzzy and hard to see but the silver Disk doesn't lose any pixels and the reflection stays in one place. All I did was change the contrast up to 100. It's stayed in focus which is not a good sign.

In summary, while the idea of a UFO sighting may be exciting and especially when a clear and metallic silver Disk comes along it is important to approach such claims with a critical eye. In this case, the evidence suggests that the silver metallic flying disk caught on camera in what looks like either Alaska or Sweden maybe is not a genuine sighting, but rather a hoax.

I believe that the video underneath the pasted silver Disk is real which is why I say it's either filmed in Alaska or Sweden. Everything else but the Disk is probably real. I've taken a screenshot from the video to analyse it. It didn't take long to bring out the obvious layers of CGI which can be disguised with a wide layering or a close layering and that's easier to spot. That's why I took a screenshot with a lot of the screen around it.

It's a great shame in my opinion that people are going to great lengths to create a hoax. But also on the other hand it could be taken out of context as it might have started as part of coursework for a university degree. But then afterwards someone has shared it online and then it's been shared again but that time it's got "Flying Saucer caught on camera" and that's when it loses its initial use. And that's a shame that students are allowing their creations to be hijacked in this way.

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Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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