Professional Photographer Films UFO Over Rome Italy In 2015

There's a UFO research project called CUFOM or Center Ufologico Mediterraneo and it's done a marvellous job of researching this amazing UFO sighting from 2015.

The best UFO sighting over Rome Italy 2015.

The video starts with a professional photographer filming an aircraft as it flies by. All of a sudden a UFO comes into view from the left with unusual features and it's a strange colour.


Suddenly it flashes a light to the right and left what's it doing and why is it there...

The bird theory which is what some people was talking about has been ruled out because the UFO has been estimated to be at the same height as the aircraft flying overhead. Birds don't fly that high at 13,000 meters.


The surveys carried out in Europe have made it possible to establish that birds in their migratory movements generally fly between 300 and one thousand metres: heights exceeding two thousand meters have rarely been surveyed.

The witness was on the terrace of a house and was filming an aeroplane with a camera with a very powerful zoom. Then when he saw the video on the computer he noticed a strange object that rises on the left of the visual field. It seems to rotate and is quite dark in colour.

The investigations of the C.UFO.M. have allowed us to establish that it is probably not a balloon, a satellite or an atmospheric probe. For example, the UFO emits lights sometimes to the right and sometimes to the left. The sun comes from the left. It also has a similar focus to the aircraft so they are approximately equal distance from the witness. It is assumed to be a real UFO.

Check out the link because it goes right into detail about the whole event which if you ask me is how a "center for UFO research" should be. Why do I say that, because some centers charge for access to freely given UFO sightings that people think is going to be available to the world... But they charge the public instead and it's not cool.  CUFOM proves it can be done without charging and done better.

That's my opinion.

I love it when another highly likely UFO event occurs that could potentially be Extraterrestrial in origin. I like it because it's going to one day all be taken very seriously. When it's finally in the public domain with Governments around the world publishing apologies then it's just them and the truth. It will all become known in time.

Credit: UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva/Open Minds/CUFOM.

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