Extraordinary Black Triangle UFO Over Sisquoq CA

A black and white triangle shape UFO was photographed by a witness over Sisquoq, CA, USA on the 26th of February 2023.

Sisquoq CA USA 26th February 2023 UFO sighting.

It was reported to the NUFORC website which stands for National UFO Reporting Centre and guy's I've got to admit that if this is indeed a genuine UFO then it's different to what we normally see.

Technology-wise it has to be an intelligent being that created this. It's not a normal or natural occurrence by any means. It might be evidence of top secret technology maybe but that all hinges on the integrity of the UFO sighting itself.

But that's only if it pans out to be real.

We have the time, date and place so there is probably a way to dismiss it or keep it but it's very difficult to do this because of the location as it's in the middle of nowhere. It makes identifying it by aircraft apps (ruling out aircraft) or if any military has aircraft in the area very hard to find out. It makes it extremely difficult to assess the information because of the obvious lack of corroboration.

Black UFO sighting over Sisquoq in California 26th February 2023.

Taking this into account it's hard to tell one way or another but still, the shape and obvious look, and integrity of the eyewitness must be taken into account when we are trying to make sure what this is. But we might have to be content with the word of the witness as there's nothing to gain by this in my view.

Evidence of UFOs is everything and I get that but occasionally we will only have the word from the person who saw this and the film.

What are your thoughts on this UFO sighting?

If it's genuine then it's clear evidence of intelligent top-secret technology. As far as Alien technology, it's probably not that just because of the aerodynamics of the object. It's a truly strange genre Ufology but there is a difference between Extraterrestrial technology and top-secret human technology which is likely what we are seeing here.

Or it's a drone meaning it's a hoax.

I don't agree with the measurements given by the eye witness (50 ft in length) but I wasn't there. We have the photo only and that doesn't give us a great means of being able to determine its size but 50 feet in length is not what I'm seeing here.

Okay I'm not sure what to make of this which is why I want to open this up to you guys. Here's the witness statement:

Caught it with my camera flying about 100 ft above ground level at Mach 1+ yet no visible engine, no sonic boom, no contrail, no sound! I was out for a Sunday drive snapping photos of the snow on the peaks east of Santa Maria. The snow level had recently dropped down to about 1000 ft--a rare event here. Hoping to snap better pictures, I drove about 12 miles southeast of Santa Maria to the little village of Sisquoc which offers more dramatic views of the mountains. I was looking for snowy picturesque peaks, not UFOs.


There's more to the witness statement I'll provide a link to it on the NUFORC website. Above is just a snippet of the statement as it's longer.

If you've got any thoughts on this post please share it with us in the comments, cheers. Also please don't forget to share this post, thanks.

Credit: NUFORC/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. There’s quite a upsurge in advance human aviation technology these days. This includes some rather unusual and radical designs, especially involving hypersonic vehicles, both ram jet and rocket powered. Most likely a great many of these sightings could be attributed thus wise. This leaves however, a small percentage of unexplainable phenomena.


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