Another Royal UFO Sighting Filmed Over Red Arrows

Here we are yet again in a déjà Vu situation because there's the same type of UFO here at the King's Coronation above the Red Arrows just like not long ago there was one at the Queen's Jubilee and above the Red Arrows.

King's Coronation UFO sighting red arrows.

Fast forward to the King's Coronation and there's another UFO above the Red Arrows!


There's no way that the Red Arrows are utilizing drones to follow them and film their routines so they can make better choices next time or on the fly, literally on the fly.

So ruling out drones by the Red Arrows themselves that brings up the public filming the King Charles Coronation which I highly doubt because of the security issues and the dangers of flying an unmanned aerial vehicle in a very dangerous place ie right next to the Red Arrows!

Plus the King's men would not be happy or having any of that, no way! It's a breach of the ceremony anyway on the day there was a blanket ban on aircraft because it's the King's Coronation. Don't quote me on that but I'll find out.

The authorities have banned drone flights in central London as part of the sweeping range of security measures being taken to protect the king's coronation from possible disruption at lunchtime on Saturday.

The Guardian 

See, now you can quote me on it quoting them on it. There wasn't any drones in the area we now know that for sure and how do they police this security measure - by deploying jamming technology trying to stop any remotely operated drones or "other" possible security issues.

The late Queen (RIP) Jubilee flypast by the Red Arrows had a white Orb streak right over the jet's as they was deploying the red, white and blue smoke just like this one has done. What's the chances that both times (which are historic moments in nature) had a UFO sighting take place?

It actually backs up my earlier response that UFOs are monitoring humanity and while we don't see Extraterrestrial life in the UFOs we can't rule out that there has been Extraterrestrials in some UFO cases like abduction cases. People from right across the spectrum of society have been abducted by Alien's and so we can not rule it out unless we're blanket rubbishing everyone.

That's not right!

Here's the eye witness statement:

I was shooting some photos from the 13th floor of my apartment building in Limehouse while the red arrows did their fly-over. The weather was bad so there were no birds in the air, and I couldn't really see the planes so I didn't check the photos until later.

Simon Balson/Irish Mirror 

According to Simon Balson there's been a lot of UFO sightings in the area meaning London. You don't need to tell me that because I'm contacted by many people all the time about UFOs and UAPs. They're everywhere and although it's not officially recognised as such, it's as such.

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Credit: Simon Balson/Irish Mirror/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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