White Tic Tac UFO Just Appears Over Jackson State University

On a picturesque afternoon, the skies over Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi, played host to a breathtakingly extraordinary Tic Tac UFO event which defies any logic as it just appeared from nowhere.

Huge Tic Tac UAP with no visible means of propulsion systems.

White Tic Tac shaped UFO UAP over Jackson State University April 2023.

Let's get into it.

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Witnessed by Jai B-C, a keen observer who has offered us a glimpse into this astonishing sighting, a mysterious white Tic Tac-shaped UFO appeared, it will no doubt capture the attention and curiosity of not only the locals but enthusiasts worldwide.


On April 29th, 2023, precisely at 1:14 pm, this fascinating event unveiled itself to be a spectacle beyond our comprehension.

The Encounter:

According to the account by Jai B-C, the unidentified object materialized as if out of thin air, seemingly warping into existence. The white Tic Tac shape perfectly matched the archetype associated with classic UFO sightings, an iconic symbol that's etched into the memories of enthusiasts and sceptics alike. An eerie stillness seemed to permeate the air, indicative of something extraordinary unfolding.

The Majestic Departure:

After a brief pause, the enigmatic vessel, existing at the nexus of science fiction and reality, began a slow, methodical departure. It glided seamlessly through the vast expanse above Jackson State University, gracefully defying the laws of flight known to us. There's no wings, there's no visible means of a propulsion system whatsoever and then there's the sound which is non existent. Those fortunate enough to witness the incredible event were left in awe as the UFO bid farewell, disappearing into the horizon, the only trail it left behind was one of bewilderment and fascination.

Unveiling the Full Scope:

To provide a comprehensive understanding of what transpired, we are eagerly awaiting the full video footage which hopefully we will get. The initial short video was shared to myself via email by Jai B-C. Once we receive the complete video, we intend to update this post and the YouTube video, ensuring an even more thorough account of this extraordinary sighting.

Implications and Speculation:

The sighting of this white Tic Tac UFO above Jackson State University will no doubt instigate fervent speculation within the UFO and scientific communities. Experts and researchers hopefully worldwide will undoubtedly analyze the footage meticulously, aiming to glean insight into the nature of this inexplicable phenomenon. Could this encounter be evidence of extraterrestrial life, or is it an advanced terrestrial technology we have yet to discover? Only time and relentless investigation will unveil the truth.

The recent Congressional hearings regarding the UAP disclosure and subsequent findings that indeed unknown origin craft's have been recovered also gave us (on the record) that Extraterrestrial entities or beings have been recovered with partially intact crafts and intact crafts. See UFO Sightings Footage Facebook page for more details on this historical evidence. I've uploaded Videos and provided links to the public hearings.


The sighting of the white Tic Tac UFO over Jackson State University serves as a captivating reminder of the vast mysteries that remain within our universe. As we eagerly await the complete video from Jai B-C, the world anticipates joining the unfolding investigation into this extraordinary event. It may seem like just another example of a UFO sighting but when in reality it's society taking another step towards expanding its perception of the universe, embracing the enigmatic, and striving to unravel the secrets that lie beyond the confines of our known reality.

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Credit: Jai B-C/UFO News YouTube Channel/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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