Astonishing Perris CA UFO Swarm: Unexplained Phenomenon

In today's modern world of UFO sightings, the city of Perris, California, witnessed a truly extraordinary event that brings Ufology front and centre and to be honest that's an understatement.

Large swarm of UFO Orbs flying over Perris CA USA October 2023.

Let's get into it.

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There's so much to unpack in this remarkable video captured by a Spanish-speaking individual who showcases a massive swarm of white orbs hovering in the sky, fascinating both UFO enthusiasts and curious onlookers.


What makes this spectacle even more astounding is the subsequent appearance of two Orbs emerging from the ground which then stick around for a while before accelerating past the main body of white unidentified flying objects at astonishing speeds flying past them and upwards. As the video progresses, the main body of Orbs forms various symbol-like structures using themselves as building blocks then they all begin moving off in the distance before eventually disappearing altogether, only to be replaced by two mysterious black UFOs. In this unique blog post, I will delve into the details of this astonishing sighting, I'll be analyzing the footage to unlock clues about these unexplained events. I have not seen any video like this in years and I'll tell you now that it's invigorating to see what we all now know to be true (see US Government declassified UAP videos) flying out in the open and caught on camera. The last time I saw a video with so much going on it was probably the ISS live feed cameras catching the fleet of UFOs passing by the International Space Station.

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There's so much to unpack in this video from slow-moving objects that accelerate with nothing to propel them forward yet they speed off so fast it shouldn't be possible without a propulsion system. Then there are the two black UFO Orbs that seem to split into three black UFO Orbs. Then there's the single white Orb that streaks in from the middle left and streaks across to the right upper top in the blink of an eye. Then the last UFO Orb comes down from the left top and flies downward towards the bottom right of the screen. To be honest with you this video needs to be analysed from frame to frame as there's so much going on it's difficult to keep up.

The Perris UFO Swarm:

The video footage of the Perris UFO swarm depicts a vast collection of white orbs swirling through the sky. The captured scene is truly mesmerizing, leaving viewers in awe of the sheer number and synchronized movement of these unidentified objects. The sight alone is enough to instil wonderment and ignite questions about their origin and purpose.

The Spectacular Acceleration:

Perhaps the most captivating moment of the recording is when two additional UFOs emerge from the ground and swiftly accelerate towards the already-existing swarm. As the two objects approach the swarm, they display a breathtaking burst of speed and propel themselves into the sky, leaving eyewitnesses astonished at their seemingly otherworldly capabilities.

The Enigmatic Vanishing Act:

Further adding to the allure of the sighting is the behaviour of the white orb swarm. Towards the latter part of the video, the cluster of orbs gradually aligns into a line formation in the distance before ultimately disappearing from view. This mysterious vanishing act leaves observers pondering the purpose and destination of these extraordinary objects.

The Mysterious Black UFOs:

In an unexpected twist, the video concludes with the sudden appearance of two black UFOs. These objects manifest seemingly out of nowhere, providing another layer of intrigue to the already bewildering event. The presence of these additional UFOs raises compelling questions about their connection to the initial swarm and their role in the grander narrative of this sighting.

Drawing Conclusions:

The Perris UFO swarm is undoubtedly a remarkable event that continues to baffle and intrigue all who witness the video footage. The synchronized movement of the white orbs, the incredible acceleration of the additional UFOs, and the subsequent appearance of the black UFOs confound existing explanations and leave us longing for answers. As the video circulates through online platforms and captures the attention of the UFO community, perhaps collective scrutiny and analysis will shed light on the mystery, allowing us to gain deeper insights into this astonishing sighting over Perris, California. It's not Canadian Geese though as they don't fly like this and as fast.


The swarm of white orbs, the unexpected emergence of UFOs, and the vanishing act witnessed in the Perris, California UFO video leaves us spellbound, craving further understanding. As we share and examine such recordings through online platforms and the UFO community, the hope for unravelling these unexplained phenomena grows stronger. The video is a testament to the mysteries that surround us, reminding us of the vast unknown and our collective desire to comprehend the enigmatic world beyond our own.

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Credit: Rick Escobar/Perrismatter IG/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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