Maussan's Extraterrestrial Artefacts Under Scrutiny

Mexican UFO expert has been associated in the past with other claims of marvellous discoveries that have later been debunked so we need to remember that sincerely.

Ufology is popular, every claim sparks a whirlwind of curiosity and scepticism from every country on this planet with no exception.

Alien artefacts put on display in Mexican Congress SEP 2023.

Let's have a look.

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If you remember recently, ufologist Jaime Maussan made headlines by presenting two artefacts he boldly asserted were evidence of "non-human" life.


This revelation sent ripples across the internet, triggering a mix of reactions and conspiracy theories including and almost inevitably, a fair share of scepticism and he probably knew that it would all come under worldwide scrutiny from everyone. I mean he's trying to change history right?

Changing History

Let's look at it in terms of what he's changing and when we do we see that nothing and I mean "nothing, period" comes close to the type of changing of people's perspective on life, religion and the past including the future than this. Guy he's saying that he has Extraterrestrial entities do you understand what ramifications that will have on all not just some but all established institutions? It's on a magnitude scale not seen in any lifetime bar none and it really is as simple as that so yes of course he's going to face a massive push back.

Peru has launched a criminal probe into how alleged “non-human alien corpses” that were displayed to the Mexican Congress were taken out of the country.{alertSuccess} - Independent

Mexico Congressional Hearings on Extraterrestrial Entities

Mr Maussan has stated that he's innocent and done nothing wrong but he can't or won't tell the world how he got the artefacts out of Peru and when he was asked about it he said he would only say later on. Maussan claims they were found around 2017 in Peru, near the pre-Columbian Nazca Lines. That's not looking good for him at all and it does look like it's a staggered or incremental revealing of the supposedly Alien artefacts possibly for maximum benefit. But who benefits from the incremental revealing of a supposed Alien artefact at the San Lazaro legislative palace, in Mexico City, Mexico September 12, 2023? That would be Mr Maussan himself.

Public Reaction

He brought them out but not just on international TV but in the Mexican Government's Congressional hearings. So yes we're going to see all kinds of dismissive comments and outright claims of a hoax pushed forward but one thing that we cannot dismiss or sweep under the carpet is how the evidence was able to be presented and where it was presented. Look I want this disclosure now and a lot of people want this disclosure right now and they belong to the world not just one self appointed individual. We want them verified and the information put in the public domain. It seems like they're being revealed and reactions are gauged and the next steps are calculated. That's my opinion and I stand by it.

Crucial Information on The Entities Presented

Anything else after that guys you must see it for what it is. It's confusion, it's contradictive information and we just do not have officials in Mexico leading the way in terms of historical importance it's left to a guy who is obviously playing a game. The information on this is confusing and it didn't need to be and that's probably the most disheartening thing about all of this.

We had an internationally recognised Government bring out what is claimed to be Extraterrestrial life and it's good that it wasn't taken out of his hands but it also suggests that maybe there's nothing to it? They had it put on display and it seems that's it.

Then confusingly it's left to us the general public of the world I might add to make sense of it and everyone has an opinion on it which only adds to the frustration. Let's just look at that for starters and if it's real or not at this point is neither here nor there because the way this particular disclosure was handled and the way it happened should be a blueprint for how not to disclose that you have an Extraterrestrial artefact from another country in your hands. Who speaks officially on this we don't know and who's providing the week by week information on this we don't know is that the correct way Extraterrestrial disclosure should occur, I think not!

Here's a Reuters statement on the story:

Fact Check: Aliens not ‘confirmed’ by Mexican government in UFO hearing.

On Sept. 12, Mexican lawmakers heard testimony at the country’s first congressional hearing on UAPs, including from UFO enthusiast and investigator Jaime Maussan, who showed two artifacts he claimed were 1,000-year-old bodies of non-human beings.

Media Speculation

Maussan's viral appearance in the Mexican Government prompted both intrigue and ridicule across the board, as the online community (people of the world) grappled with the implications of his assertions. The spotlight, however, shifted when journalists were granted access to film tests conducted by Jose de Jesus Zalce Benitez, a forensic doctor affiliated with the Navy.

False Flag Alien Invasion And Hologram Technology.{alertInfo}

Look how we grapple with this story because I'll admit that it caught me off guard in terms of I didn't think we'd ever get there and imagining how that day would look in my imagination it didn't exactly happen in the same way. And if it's a hoax what's important is this; how do we handle it if it's real Aliens in the hands of private individuals?

I mean, of course, he'd be protective of handing it over to the government, wouldn't he? That's only natural for him to be sceptical about the government's intention and so would I I'll be very honest with you. Certain governments have denied that UFOs exist right up until the day of UAP disclosure and then released videos going back years and from the time they publicly denied that they had any evidence of UAPs. So please, forgive me for being sceptical when it comes to your lips moving.

Previous Dubious Extraterrestrial Claims

It's crucial to note that Maussan and Benitez have made previous claims regarding similar specimens, only to face dismissal from the scientific community in general, which attributed these artefacts to mummified human remains. This history of scepticism naturally cast shadows over their recent revelation. I'll be honest yet again with you and I'll say this, it doesn't fill me with confidence in each case. I'm guessing that it could be a case of looking this way while we distract you with this box filled with alien-looking entities for a moment that has previously been dismissed but serves a good purpose when distraction is needed.

- Who knows at this point what to believe because I don't.

- But that's where you guys come in and help our readers understand what is going on here.

- Can you help figure out what went on and more crucial is this what was brought out in the Mexican hearing?

Maussan Under Media Scrutiny

In a twist of the plot, NASA scientist Dr. David Spergel, a respected voice in the scientific community, raised a pertinent question during their appearance at the hearing. He questioned why Maussan and Benitez had not made their data samples public, a move that would have provided transparency and subjected their findings to rigorous scrutiny.

Read this bizarre post on MSN news because the title states that one of the Aliens is alive and confirmed. I don't understand why MSN has led with it but it was a few months ago now. What a bizarre story to lead with and it's MSN.

The absence of publicly available data samples raised eyebrows at the time of the hearing as you'd but I understand the apprehension by Maussan and of course, it's going to invite speculation. In the pursuit of truth, as we all know, transparency plays a pivotal role, allowing the scientific community and the public to scrutinize and validate any claims but if they are real the US government would probably take over the investigation as a self-appointed custodian. Because they do have lots of expertise in that area? Dr. Spergel's inquiry underscores the importance of open dialogue and the sharing of evidence, especially when making extraordinary claims. They should have given out samples or is it a calculated choice because they know it would not stay in the news for long perhaps? I mean it has disappeared from any news channels, right?

Commitment To Transparency

As the ufology community (all of us together) navigates this latest revelation, it serves as a reminder that the pursuit of truth requires not only compelling evidence but also a commitment to transparency and a commitment to Ufology which I might add is everyone's right on this planet not just Maussan and Co. The mysterious artefacts presented by Maussan and Benitez may yet hold secrets, but without open access to their data, the quest for answers (any answers come to think about it) remains shrouded in uncertainty because of how it's been handled.

Key Questions:

- What specific artefacts did Maussan present as evidence of "non-human" life?

- How have previous claims by Maussan and Benitez been received by the scientific community?

- Why is the transparency of data samples crucial in the evaluation of extraterrestrial claims?

- What challenges does the ufology community face in balancing excitement and scepticism?

- Is there an alive Alien and why did MSN lead with it in a news post?


If you've got any thoughts on this post please don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments section below and if you can share this post I'd appreciate it, thanks.{alertInfo}

Credit: News Nation YouTube Channel/Reuters/Independent/Jaimie Maussan/UFO Sightings Footage/UFO Sightings/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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