Eyewitness Captures White Tic Tac-Shaped UAP on Video

Breaking News: Shocked Eyewitness Captures White Tic Tac-Shaped UAP on Video.

Surprise Arizona UFO and UAP over Germany image.

In a March 2023 video, a mesmerizing video of a white Tic Tac-shaped Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) has surfaced. The footage, submitted to UFO Sightings Footage by a startled eyewitness, showcases the enigmatic object gliding through the sky with unparalleled grace and speed.

Witness Account:

3/18/23 13:14 in Surprise, AZ USA. Was hanging out in the backyard relaxing when I was looking at the sky when I noticed an orb-looking object through the clouds heading West. At first, I thought it was a balloon but the object had a steady speed and course. My IG name is fine for credit. Thank you! I also have a negative filter on it and shows something solid. - Dorian Instagram

The eyewitness described it as having a steady speed and course. "At first I thought the object was a balloon." This is great because it shows how level-headed UFO witnesses are as the first thing people are thinking of is man-made objects and that shows people are grounded on the truth before arriving at any other opinion. Starting with a man-made object is good as it also shows how people are willing to accept or look at other possibilities as opposed to just the Extraterrestrial UFO or ET craft opinion straight away which is important. That's my own opinion on how we can get to the truth of the matter.


Tic Tac UFO Sightings:

This isn't the first time that a Tic Tac-shaped UAP has been spotted. Similar sightings have been reported worldwide, characterized by their streamlined, pill-shaped appearance and swift aerial manoeuvres. These mysterious objects have puzzled experts and enthusiasts alike, prompting intense speculation about their origins and purpose. With no visible means of a propulsion system and a distinct lack of sound, these Tic Tac objects defy anything that we currently have in the atmosphere.

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Theories and Speculations:

While numerous theories abound regarding the nature of Tic Tac UAPs, one prevailing hypothesis suggests top secret and covert aerial vehicles. Some other theories range from reverse-engineered crafts and then there's the extraterrestrial involvement. Some speculate that this craft could be advanced drones or probes sent from distant galaxies to observe and study our planet. Others believe they may be evidence of ultra-clandestine military technologies or experimental aircraft with the possible abilities that allow them to travel interdimensional.

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Official Government Response:

Despite mounting evidence and eyewitness testimonies, the US government has remained largely tight-lipped about UAPs. However, in recent years, there has been a notable shift in discourse, with government officials acknowledging the existence of UAPs and the need for further investigation. Nevertheless, concrete explanations or disclosures regarding their origins and capabilities have yet to materialize, leaving many unanswered questions lingering in the air. David Grusch and other notable intelligence officers have come forward with sworn testimony stating that yes the United States Government has recovered Extraterrestrial vehicles or UFOs.

National Archives

UFOs and UAPs


UFO Report (U.S. Intelligence)


National Security Subcommittee to Hold Hearing on Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena

The above linked news article was published by NPR on July 27th 2023 and it discloses some of the finest disclosure in living memory by Retired Air Force Maj. (Intelligence Officer) David Grusch.


The emergence of the white Tic Tac-shaped UAP video from over Surprise, Arizona serves as a stark reminder to everyone that we are not alone and that the US Government has acknowledged the presence of unknown origin phenomena. As of Saturday 10th February 2024, the enduring mysteries surrounding unidentified aerial phenomena continue and we can add this one to the vast UFO library. As the search for answers continues, enthusiasts and researchers alike remain vigilant, eagerly awaiting the day when the truth behind these otherworldly encounters is finally unveiled.

Questions to Ponder:

- What could explain the peculiar shape and movements of Tic Tac UAPs?

- Do you believe the US government is withholding information about UAPs?

- What do you think the ultimate purpose of these enigmatic objects might be?

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Credit: Dorian Instagram, UFO Sightings Footage YouTube Channel, Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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