Black Disk UFO Escorted By 2 Military Helicopters Romania

The first news article that I can find anything about the two Military helicopters flying low over rooftops with a black disk between them was posted online first on a website a decade ago called Evenimentul Zilei or EVZ as it's known.

2 military helicopters escorting black disk ufo.

It happened over Arad, Romania and the website's name when translated to English means Today's Event or EVZ news as it states on the site.

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I did a reverse image lookup and the first time the two black helicopters and the black disk were posted online was on November 8th 2014 as far as I can tell.

Arad, Romania black Disk UFO sighting

Even though the UFO event was posted online in 2014 it supposedly took place on June 27th 1994 according to the news article. See the link at the bottom of this post for all the details.


The news article states that reporters from the EVZ news website asked for comment from the officials at the Helicopter CaransebeČ™ garrison in Arad, Romania. The translation of this news article from Romanian to English is not good and it doesn't translate well.

Translation of the UFO news article

After translation though the article states that farmers working at a place called Silo 7 noticed marks in the fields and they contacted the local officials at the CaransebeČ™ Helicopter Garrison who said for tactical reasons they cannot give any answers.

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That's as far as I'm going with this one as I genuinely believe it to be a hoax. The story is unsubstantiated and far-fetched. The video is likely a hoax and it doesn't sit right with me but that's not reason enough to dismiss it just because I don't like it, let's put the leg work in and get some answers which I've started with finding out more information about this UFO sighting that 99% of any other website that has tackled this sighting.

Stating what information is available for the Romanian UFO sighting

I'm just stating what I found when I tried to research this perplexing UFO event. Look it could be a genuine video and a real UFO story - but that's a big but I'm not sure because I've got the ball rolling in terms of research because there's nothing out there on this one way or the other, at least we have a more informed understanding about this specific video.

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The Telegraph

Romania scrambles fighter jets to intercept unknown flying object

We now have more than just a video, we now have the original date it was posted online and we have the original date that the story is apparently from which is 1994 according to the news source I'm referencing. I even traced it back to Arad in Romania involving a military helicopter garrison called CaransebeČ™.

Thoughts on the military helicopter UFO story

The video was supposedly (and I'll keep referring to it as supposedly and maybe, plus so-called too) and I'll use the word "if" a lot.

It was filmed supposedly over Arad, Romania with two military helicopters escorting a black Disk (UFO or unknown origin craft call it what you want) as these are often referred to. There are a lot of different names for UFOs like an unknown origin craft which is my favourite term for UFOs. This flying saucer lol just to prove my point I'm referring to it as a flying saucer now was filmed by an unknown eyewitness and it was filmed in Romania.

Simple questions about the two Romanian military helicopters

What is going on here, why would two helicopters be flying with a disk during the daytime, where are they going with an aerial disk and what's the deal with the blatant showing off that they have a flying saucer between the two helicopters?

Nothing in this video makes any sense and if you think it's normal for any military throughout the world to escort a black disk free of tethers, wires or harnesses and it's flying under its own steam so to speak then you're probably not going to like my assessment?

What's my assessment so far

Computer-generated imagery or CGI as it's often referred to is the most likely suspect here. Unless I'm missing some important context which isn't clear at first glance then to me this looks like CGI.

The colours are off, the disk is darker in colour as if it's been added after the fact of filming the original two helicopters. Somehow the person who tricked us has left a shadow on the brick wall after the black disk has gone past it. The disk itself casts no shadow onto the surface of the wall and because of the shoddy Photoshop work they couldn't get it just right and it's gone through the surface of the wall.


Sometimes there's a UFO video that is hard to deny even though it's highly likely to be a hoax but proving it is harder than it looks because we can always say something is a hoax but proving it is not that straightforward.


But this one on the other hand is not as complicated as other CGI videos as it's the obvious layering of the animation over the video that creates inconsistent footage. See for yourself and you will understand why I have written about it and pointed out where the disk goes through the wall where it shouldn't have. Amateur hour at the hoaxing factory off blink and you'll miss it drive.

If you've got something to say about this one please don't hesitate to share it with us in the comments below and please share this post I'd appreciate it.{alertInfo}

Credit: Evenimentul Zilei EVZ, The Telegraph, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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