Why Hasn't The Black Knight Satellite Been Recovered Yet

The Black Knight Satellite UFO, also known as STS-88 by NASA, has intrigued many with its mysterious presence in a near-polar orbit.

Black knight satellite sts-88 UFO in earth's polar orbit NASA.

While NASA attributes its origin to a loose cover during a spacewalk captured in the 1998 photograph, conspiracy theorists link it to radio signals detected 120 years ago.

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Commander Robert Cabana's casual remark, "Jerry one of the covers got away from you," adds a touch of humour to the official explanation.


Whether you believe NASA's account or lean towards intriguing conspiracy theories, exploring both sides can be an engaging journey. Dive into the links that I've provided to weigh up the pros and cons of this NASA conspiracy theory and decide for yourself.

What we know about the Black Knight Satellite UFO STS-88

The Black Knight Satellite UFO, also known as STS-88 by NASA, has been a source of mystery and intrigue for decades. Officially photographed by NASA in 1998, this otherworldly object is in a near-polar orbit and you best believe it has sparked various theories and speculations.

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The BKS UFO was possibly first detected 120 years ago

Here I've given you the link and a snippet of the official STS-88 mission statement.


STS-88 was the 1st shuttle mission to the International Space Station, and launched a U.S. built node Unity to the station.

NASA STS-88 Highlights

STS-88 was the 1st shuttle mission to the International Space Station, and launched a U.S. built node Unity to the station.

Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory

The Black Knight satellite conspiracy theory claims that a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin is in near-polar orbit of the Earth.

Some believe it was first detected 120 years ago through puzzling radio signals, while NASA attributes its origin to a cover coming loose during a spacewalk. As STS-88 commander Robert Cabana humorously remarked to Ross during the spacewalk, "Jerry one of the covers got away from you," indicating NASA's explanation for the UFO in the photo.

Nikola Tesla quotes:

We are getting messages from the clouds one hundred miles away, possibly many times that distance. Do not leak it to the reporters. - Nikola Tesla, 1889

And this one:

The feeling was constantly growing on me that I had been the first to hear the greetings of one planet to another. - Nikola Tesla, 1901

And lastly:

In 1899, while experimenting with a wireless receiver of extraordinary sensitivity, I detected faint signals from Mars, our brother planet. I could not interpret the signals, but they seemed to suggest a numerical code, one - two - three, four. - Nikola Tesla, 1935


It's not that NASA hasn't addressed this issue it's because a lot of people are not satisfied with the answer. They've only provided words which it could be answered with more vigour than just words. Go ahead and get it, but they must retrieve it on live TV because anything short of that wouldn't accepted as evidence unfortunately but I only speak for myself on that issue.

The next NASA issue straight after that first would be:

1. Why do people not believe NASA's responses and have NASA played any real part in that.

2. What's the root cause of mistrust at NASA HQ?

3. How does faith get restored and could it even be restored?

I believe it's easy to fix and that's to go through the live feed from the international space station video footage and explain why specific objects caught on camera wasn't looked into. Then bring up another one and so on to see if there's a pattern to the object's turning up on the live feed and why do technical difficulties coincidentally arise within seconds of it appearing?

Then we need an answer to why they haven't fixed or upgraded the live feed software after repeated and incessant technical issues. I mean the reason why they installed it in the first place was for early warning protection against objects coming close to the ISS itself.

I assume that's why they installed the ISS live feed cameras because it sure wasn't installed to catch anomaly after anomaly but yet it did.

Whether you lean towards NASA's explanation or find the historical radio signals more compelling, the Black Knight Satellite remains a captivating mystery. The blend of scientific rationale and historical mystery surrounding this UFO offers a fascinating topic for exploration and debate. Dive into the links provided to delve deeper into the pros and cons of the NASA conspiracy theory, and form your own opinion on this intriguing cosmic dream.


Wouldn't it be easier for NASA to bring out an example of the cover from the NASA agency stores and show the world exactly what has been drifting in near-polar orbit with Earth and have it photographed just at the same angle? It makes perfect sense to me through easy logical thinking that once and for all NASA could if it so chooses to, put it to rest once and for all with no more questions and answers needed. We can then move on from what is and has been (let us be clear about this) a possible history-changing Extraterrestrial spacecraft.

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Credit: Nikola Tesla, NASA STS-88 Photo, The Electrical Signals of Planetary Origin, UFO Sightings Footage, UFO Madness, UFO footage.

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