Cone Shaped UFO Buzzes The ISS For 22 Minutes - NASA Must Acknowledge It

NASA films a UFO sighting from their own live feed cameras and it happens for over 22 minutes which means it could be NASA acknowledged it.

It's not proof that NASA has acknowledged that UFOs are real (they never even got the UAP memo) but it's certainly something in that direction which is a start. Look NASA probably likes to think it's got total control over information and that they're the gatekeepers even if we've got UAP disclosure. I mean what do you call someone who covers up UFO sighting's "constantly" by switching off live feeds? Liars, cheats, scandalous morons? The list is endless but I think cheats will do. They're cheating us out of historic knowledge. We've caught them on hundreds and hundreds of times switching off the ISS live feed just after a UFO comes into view. Now, if they investigated the UFO even after the feed went down it would be a technical difficulty (as they put it) but when the live feed does come back on and they've done absolutely nothing, that's suspicious right? And that's on every, single, occasion! That's why I know that they are cheats and liars. The ISS is full of cameras, at least 10 cameras in the photos I counted.

Exceptionally good looking UFO craft in silver metallic grey that is keeping up the same speed as the ISS.

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This UFO craft is traveling at 17 thousand 500 miles per hour and it's keeping up with the ISS.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/Scott Waring UFO Sighting's Daily/Express/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Footage from the International Space Station shows a huge truck-sized UFO. It's moving at the same speed as the ISS, this UFO appears to be intentionally keeping up pace with our astronauts in the space station. Look at the size of it, how's that even possible! Nothing makes sense with this UFO sighting and with NASA saying nothing... Until NASA comes to the table and tells us what the hell is up? Until NASA can account for every single time that they've switched the frigging screen off intentionally because a UFO has come into the live feed, until they accept and account for all of that anomalous stupid and blatantly obvious goings-on, until then I'm afraid that NASA and it's workers, and all it's scientists and all it's engineers and their cohorts are all going to continue to look like cheats. They're hiding something and to at least a few million people! This incident may have occurred in August of last year and was filmed by the one of the space station's cameras.

The Earth's horizon is lit brightly as the sun begins to rise. Suddenly, a huge mysterious cone shaped space craft appears out from underneath the ISS and starts to move in an identical pattern to the International Space Station (ISS). The object was easily the size of a truck and moves from south to north and at the same speed as the ISS. That's 17.500 miles per hour! As it moves closer, you can see that the large object has a shiny metallic silver or dull grey outer shell on it that seem to be reflecting the Suns light. There's actually nothing remotely Alien about it? In fact because NASA hasn't blinked (literally turning off the live feed) I'm wondering if this is a secret satellite, a secret craft that NASA thought was recording, but secretly on another channel? Was there confusion in the control room where the live feed is played on various NASA screen's but this time there just might have been a mix up and that's why we all got to see an either top secret craft, secret satellite, a real UFO or a piece of large space debris...

A massive unidentified object appeared to be intentionally pacing the International Space Station (ISS) and filmed on NASA live feed. The bizarre sight has sparked an online debate whether it is an alien craft spying on NASA or an enormous piece of space debris.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

The footage, noticed by YouTuber Scott Waring has all the hall marks of been just a simple and normal looking capsule that nasa generally uses but eagle eyed Waring noticed that NASA doesn't use this particular shaped "capsule" and that's because he's a veteran ISS live feed watcher, if anyone knows, Scott does. The cameras captures a large cone shaped craft hovering literally right next to the International Space Station. It's astonishing actually just how close thiscame to crashing into the space station. There's been no mention of this type of craft with NASA before or since, so just what the heck was this? A secret mission maybe back to Mars?

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Yes, I did say back to Mars and with technology changing, shrinking, absolutely tiny nanotechnology the likes of which act just the same as a larger counterpart could have already been developed and put into service with the new US Space Force. The UFO seems to be going at the exact speed of the ISS, it must have been able to reach this speed somehow? It never came out of the ISS so where the hell has it appeared from? The footage has since been slowed down for analysis purposes. It's not revealed anything else that we didn't already know but that's not to say theres nothing to learn from it, it simply means that we don't have all the clues as yet because for starters it must have originated from somewhere, right? Secondly, it must have a purpose.

Why didn't NASA cut the live feed which they love to do? Is it because they got the screen's mixed up and didn't notice that they was broadcasting it live? It sounds about right for NASA, not noticing! It's hard to tell whether this object is a huge spacecraft or space junk, but that UFO sure as hell doesn't look like a meteorite!

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Could it be an Orbital Test Vehicle which is on a ‘classified’ mission maybe? It could be something that NASA's aware of, the astronauts are aware of and that NASA doesn't realize that it's broadcasting to the world? I know I've mentioned it before, but the screen does eventually cut off but not until it's out of sight.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

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NASA's live ISS feed showed a huge UFO, craft, debris or secret spy plane (take your pick it would seem) that was being followed by the International Space Station for a change I guess as it's usually the other way around. This video is the best proof yet that there is alien life actually flying all around us near Earth. Or it's proof of secret spy planes acting outside of the atmosphere and I reckon China won't be happy about it? But also, I've strangely not heard anything from anyone mention the BKS or the 13.000 year old UFO orbiting Earth called the Black Knight Satellite. Seriously, I've read up on this on many, many websites and there's not much mention if at all.  The BKS is larger I grant you thst, but if you look at the beginning of the video you'll see it's tiny and then it's larger halfway through the video. Then at the end it get's smaller so that could indicate that it's actually a ways away from the ISS? And to be honest with you, this "craft" certainly reminds me of that particular UFO or ancient satellite, but apparently it's not the BKS at all... Or is it, I'd prefer to have evidence to show that it's not the BKS as opposed to an opinion or someone's "thought's that are made out to be real" wouldn't you?

Here's the video uploaded to YouTube by UFO Sighting Daily:

Describing the video, Waring added: It looks like its in a cone-shaped. I’ve never seen a module in this shape.

It doesn’t like any kind of object I have seen before. If it is military, then it is a top-secret US air force technology.

Scott Waring 

If you know anyone who would appreciate this post, please share it with them, thanks. Also I'd like to hear from you, what's your thoughts and opinions on what you think is going on here in the video, cheers.

Credit: NASA/UFO Sighting's Footage/Scott Waring UFO Sighting's Daily/Express/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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