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This is one of those mysterious times when it's almost as if the UFO knows exactly what it's doing, it knows that it's been filmed so it slowly but surely walks (in this case glides) past the camera but in such a way as if it's saying "I see you and now you can see me."

I'm not buying this being a ice particle are you? I'm definitely not buying that it's a piece of the SpaceX rocket or the capsule because no alarms, alerts, no system failure lights have been triggered and it's definitely not space debris because all this is taken into account when planning this mission. We have debris apps for the public, NASA and SpaceX has highly sophisticated software that project's every single piece of space debris trajectory and where it's going to be at any given monent. During the 18th March 2020 launch of the SpaceX Falcon 9 at 12:16pm UTC, which is carrying four astronauts, video captured an unidentified object.

The SpaceX rocket launch of the Dragon capsule had a real UFO sighting passing by it.

Credit: NASA/SpaceX/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Believe me, it's their jobs to know where everything is in space and where it's going to be. They don't eyeball it or hope and pray that it's a good launch or "please God let today go smooth." It's not like that at all.

We must be getting close to Alien disclosure because our galactic neighbors craft sighting's are getting more and more frequent. This is real evidence, not a CGI hoax as it's a SpaceX rocket launch. We do not know if this extraterrestrial craft was observing the SpaceX rocket beforehand or whether it is actually an unknown craft that might have originated beyond our galaxy and is a pure coincidental incident? But I don't believe in coincidences full stop! If we consider the vastness of space and the number of planets and stars that exist, this sighting is recent and extremely unprecedented and the furthedt away from anything else remotely called coincidence. Having said that, could there have been previous visits by extraterrestrial beings? As far as we know we might be alone in this immense universe, but I think a more open mind might provide some answers we are looking for because with an open mind comes possibilities.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Well, what do you think? Could this be aliens observing us? It's a common opinion. Or is this a peculiar object, which just happens to appear on the video when all attention was focused on the SpaceX rocket, which is supposed to be launched without a hitch. This wasn't the first time they were seen either. A similar UFO was suspected to be following the Apollo 11 mission. We can literally draw a line from mission to mission to program and then to plan. It's pretty much all the same anyway just different names. These UFO Orbs, sphere's or whatever you want to call them are consistently showing themselves or revealing themselves and it's only NASA who isn't looking!

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They've got to be deliberately ignoring them? Because nobody has ever done a real investigation into this UFO? Straight away someone suggested it was an ice particle and it seems that NASA and SpaceX has both ran with it. Guy's, this is moronic beyond an imbeciles day out! Their role is to look for evidence of Extraterrestrial life in space and they keep knocking on the bloody door of NASA and they are refusing to pay attention! That's your coverbup, that's the evidence we've all been waiting for. The UFO turns up, NASA does nothing, we don't hesr anything else about it from them after the event took place.

I rest my case, NASA has been shown beyond any doubt that they're ignoring the UFO sightings. Which is what is classed as a bonafide, real-life cover up.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Omg, NASA's been proven in my own common sense, and the thing is, I'm not trying to convince anyone. I'm on my own journey and you can come along (I hope you do) if you want to? I enjoy writing about UFOs and the inaction, unreliable and confusing statements put out by NASA and SpaceX, ESA and the actual Astronauts themselves. The same astronaut's that have been proven to hold harnesses in the green screen video footage. That's just one sentence summing up the astronauts inability to directly confront NASA. It's not just me having this view about NASA, it's million's of people.

This UFO sighting happened live, it was on TV, the internet been streamed live to millions of people. And they've still gotten away with it. What type of ice particle is that size? Basketball size? It's short of ludicrously stupid on many levels of stupidity but the thing is, how they knew people would accept their silly "excuse." What happened to curiosity and intrigue? Whatever happened to NASA throwing caution to the wind and saying "hell, I'm gonna investigate that unknown object anyway because we are NASA?"

UFO caught on camera after rocket launch, A UFO was spotted after the launch of the SpaceX rocket and Elon Musk is aware of these UFOs because he's even tweeted about it before when one actually blew up his other SpaceX rocket on the launchpad. See this link.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher 

Over the past few months, more and more sightings have been popping up all over the world. There have been sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, in Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma and even Texas. Every sighting that is reported adds an interesting piece to a complex puzzle of what these things are, who is controlling them and what their purpose is.

This is still unknown as to what the sphere UFO was, whether it was actually an ice particle or if it might have been some kind of unknown anomaly. But the fact is that it was caught on video and many people in the NASA and SpaceX control room had no idea why they were seeing this giant black object tailing straight past the rockets capsule...

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With all the UFO's seen over the last few decades, and since 1947 in particular, it seems that we must be being watched by some sort of unknown species perhaps from another planet. I for one would dearly love to meet one of these extraterrestrial beings face to face. With all this mystery surrounding these craft's, maybe SpaceX will manage to capture more of them on camera in the near future so we can analyse the footage and maybe get some answers. And yes if you want those answer's it's highly probable that you'll have to teach yourself, look yourself, rely on your gut instinct and put two and two together all by yourself - so basically no change then! We've been doing this ever since day one, there is no official place to go get your official answer's lol. We have to rely on who's got the loudest voice, the way it's always been. If it's on mainstream media platforms like Fox or CNN or the BBC as an example. They have a louder voice than say just a normal UFO blog 😯. It's kibda got an official air about it, the news at 10 definitely has sway when it comes to informing the people lol. Then there's NASA's own website, if they post it on their website then it's law!

Even though we acknowledge that they've been covering up UFOs lol. It's because they're saying what we wanna hear, that's all.

Here's the extraordinary video which was captured by NASA and SpaceX and uploaded to YouTube by UFO News:

I'm a big fan of space exploration and discovery of unknown objects plus anything else that interests me. Space is a real frontier of the possibilities that can lead to anything. If we start to dismiss the unknown objects that we're clearly witnessing without any effort of investigating them, we could be losing the benefits of why we're even in space? It's a shame that NASA and SpaceX are in Cahoots with this one. I'm not giving my opinion, I'm just stating what happened. A UFO turns up to the SpaceX capsule, slowly passed by and NASA plus SpaceX simply ignore it and goes on to explain that it's probably an ice particle from the liquid oxygen tank?

I kid you not! It's a really big shame because it shows us just how much they care for their own ethos and mission statements which is zero f***s given!

Credit: NASA/SpaceX/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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