A New UFO Sighting Filmed Over Nebraska In July 2022

Here's another Nebraska UFO sighting that I actually said earlier on today that this state doesn't get hardly any UFO sightings lol.

Well that's proved me totally wrong because it was only this afternoon that I actually wrote about Nebraska in the USA not getting any UFO sightings. There's no information whatsoever with this UFO photo but it exists and it's been uploaded by the eye witness so the least that I can do is report on it, bring to people, right? The whole world still needs to be aware of the UFO situation and the month and year also if possible, the place. July, 2022, (apparently over Omaha).

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This UFO sighting was even in the daylight and I believe that it was over Omaha in Nebraska US?

This is the Omaha Nebraska US state UFO sighting.

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The original UFO sighting of the Nebraska UFO.

The US as a country get's probably the most UFO sighting's of any country in the world? I'm constantly writing about UFOs because I'm constantly being sent amazing and jaw dropping UFO video's. Seriously, if you have any UFO sightings that you would like me to post, check out or just give my honest thoughts then whatever the reason, you can send your UFO media either videos or photos to:

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Credit: Paranormal And Psychic Happenings/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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