(Rare) The Same UFO Orb Was Filmed In 2 Seperate Countries On Different Occasions

Recently there's been a lot of people getting interested in UFO sighting's and that's because they've been filming strange UFO Orbs themselves.

Seeing a UFO for yourself really does change your perceptions and it definitely changes your views on Ufology as a whole. It might even change your previously held views and it most certainly changes your opinions big time! Okay it's not for everyone but definitely it changes the vast majority of UFO eye witnesses mind's after they've seen one and I know this to be true because it's me whom eye witnesses often turn to.

UFO Orb sighting filmed over Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Credit: Aptyp/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Double UFO sighting in different countries of an Orb filmed over North Brunswick NJ USA and Baden-Württemberg, Germany. This is without a doubt one and the same UFO Orb! Here's a good analogy; just like a Ferrari F40 can be photographed in the USA and so there can be one photographed in my garage in the UK. They're the same car, same make and same model. They're different car's but the same maker's created them. Maybe that's what we're seeing here?

Double UFO sighting in different countries of an Orb filmed over North Brunswick NJ USA and Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Credit: Aptyp/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

This UFO sighting in particular might just turn out to be a rare double sighting because it's a dead ringer for a UFO sighting that was filmed in North Brunswick NJ USA.

We see the UFO Orb in the video and the witness is zooming in and out of the picture and all the while it's got no sign of propulsion systems and it's making no noise.

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Here's one other example of the same UFO but filmed in Turkey and Dubai which is absolutely awesome.

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I'm absolutely flabbergasted by this because it's an honour to try to put answers to some of the strangest events that'll ever happen to you in your life, that's (to sum it up) how bloody serious this UFO genre is now. It's not the shame riddled fringe hobby anymore, it's definitely not the tinfoil hat brigade anymore and that's what every UFO researcher has been fighting to change for decades. I've personally been writing about UFOs and trying to join UFO sightings together for a little over a decade now and thing's have progressed to where it's now accepted. This, this effort well spent.

It was viewed in Germany - Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgart and it was the most illuminated star on the sky and it was flying around in very uncommon paths for a airplane or anything else.

We saw it with my girlfriend, it was very bright as I said, it was almost the brigthest star on the sky and it moved quite quickly, faster than an airplane and also in random directions changing the direction every 2-3 seconds. Also it was very far, seemed like a star or something what was floating in the sky. 
Then it kinda got back to the position where it first started moving and stood still from then on.


Video description:

Here's a great video of a UFO orb filmed over Baden-Württemberg in Germany and another what I believe to be the same UFO Orb but filmed over North Brunswick NJ in the USA. Is this a double UFO sighting but from different countries at different times? Do you know how rare it is to film the same UFO that was filmed by another eye witness in another country? It's extremely rare and absolutely amazing. The North Brunswick NJ USA UFO Orb sighting was on the 27th June, 2022 and the Baden-Württemberg Germany UFO Orb sighting was on the 2nd - 3rd July, 2022. So it's made it's way over the ocean and directly to Europe in the time between each sighting.

Here's the extraordinary video which I've just put together today:

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Credit: Aptyp/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News YouTube Channel/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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  1. Ok I'll go. No one else is. You know what no one else is considering? Think for a moment. These orb UFOs do not seem corporeal. They allegedly use especially of sorts for communication. I think it would be reasonable to explore the spiritual here as possibilities.
    It's usually a pastor who is obviously scared yelling demon!! That's the worst thing one can do if that's the case.
    Others that don't believe in God ditch then tired idea. What about you? Will you look for truth or joke about it and move on.?


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