The Exact Same UFO Is Filmed Over Turkey And Dubai Is This Alien Tracking

I'm a sucker for anything Flying Saucer craft's, that literally look real, feel real and has no visible propulsion systems and that is silent, the camera stays focused on center which is hard to do but we see in the video that he's or she's trying to keep it centered.

I think I've pretty much spoken for everyone in that one heading because we've all got one thing in common, we're all just one step away from having confirmation that Alien life exists here on Earth. So, as it stands even now, we only have our senses (gut feeling), our personal opinions, thought's and memory of other UFO vids to rely on.

Look at this screenshot below and you tell me that doesn't look real?

Here's one hell of a UFO sighting that was filmed by the eye witness and it looks and feels like a real UFO.

Credit: Real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

This video was captured by a local eye witness over Adana in Turkey. They're not identified which is not uncommon. It was filmed in 2021 and it definitely looks like the familiar looking Tic Tac shaped UAP's, but they was declassified and released by the US Navy (on behalf of the US Department of Defense DoD) from the Navy Jet's that was suspiciously using Infrared cameras on each occasion? There's no such thing as a coincidence, just remember that you heard that here first! We couldn't see the Tic Tac UFOs in our simple vision because they only existed in the Infrared part of the spectrum, that's why the videos released are in black and white, it's Infrared cameras not the visual part that we see in! "Dunn Da Daah" I know, shocking that they don't point this bit out?


This other UFO sighting looks exactly like the one in this post that I'm writing about now! Here's the link.

I've just linked this UFO sighting by researching this shape of UFO. It led me to my own post (I post that many) and I'm confident that it's the same UFO just filmed elsewhere. I think this is brilliant that we can compare it to another similar if not exact UFO sighting over Ja Beach in Dubai!

This is the same UFO sighting over Ja Beach in Dubai.

Credit: UFOS ALIENS SANTANA YouTube Channel.

Here's the extraordinary video for the same UFO but this was seen and filmed over Ja Beach in Dubai:

YouTube video credit: UFOS AND ALIENS SANTANA YouTube Channel.

Oh I totally agree with you, it's absolutely bizarre and truly mind blowing to think there could be an armada of them in our atmosphere right now above our homes and there's nothing we can do about it! Except for filming it, if you just so happen to have a jet, with a infrared camera on the nose end? Send it to me.

Why was the US Jet's filming the Tic Tac UAP's in Infrared anyway...

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

That's called pre or prior knowledge! Me thinks that there is more to this world class story than they're letting on too and I'll tell you why I think that; because it follows the age old pattern of deception. The public calls the Government out on X, Y or Z, the Government denies it, then admits it later on after advice. Said Government then releases the X, Y or Z information. But, later on down the road a couple of years or so someone actually writes a book or does an interview on TV and releases a bombshell of information. Uptill now we're 89% on track for this lineage, timeline of deceit to come to fruition - so watch this space on Tic Tac UAP's. There's one more scenario, wait for it..... The truth, lol. I know, silly for even thinking about that, like the truth will see the day of light. Even telling the truth involves a lot of "retracted info" so it's technically speaking in tongues or the continuation of the lie because if it's the truth that's being released, why retract info? Major newspapers in the US are still "to this day" printing apologies and retractions because of "the so-called truth" lol.

Here's a closer look at the UFO sighting which was caught over Adans in Turkey last year in 2021.

Credit: Real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

Our memories are made up of what we have seen in the past with regards to UFOs or Flying Saucers and how that specific memorable UFO sighting panned out? It's how a lot of people think, we connect UFO sightings that look similar and any opinions from them, onto new UFOs. People can't help but rely on past knowledge of unrelated UFO sighting's when it's to do with newer UFO sighting's it's the biggest bulk of why we believe in what we believe in, right.

The UFO sighting is of a white-ish almost Tic Tac shaped UFO type with the exquisite bright blue sky behind it, it makes it look absolutely incredible and if it's a fake UFO, then I'll be stunned by it.

Lee Lewis UFO Researcher  

Everyone strives to keep a UFO centered when they're fortunate enough to film one.
Everyone strives to keep a UFO centered when they're fortunate enough to film one.

Credit: Real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

This specific UFO sighting was filmed Adana, Turkey and it's definitely worth looking into because it doesn't look like this UFO has been copy and pasted into the video itself in a layering type of editing? I've brushed up on how hoaxers using video editing software can manipulate what we see in video's and because of this, there's tell tale signs to look for and believe me, as hard as it might be, this is either passing the test or the hoaxers are aware of this and they're counteracting the signs by upping their game.

And that must all start with the eye witness!

Normally a video is randomly recorded somewhere and after the fact the "UFO" loosely termed, is then added into the video. In other words, the UFO might move to the left but the video stays put! Normally anyone filming would keep it in the middle of the screen, we naturally ain for this, it's an innate rule, an unspoken "must" because we literally have to keep it in the middle! No if's and no butt's. I've looked at this many, many times. Believe me (again) this is a natural process that we aim for.

We don't aim to keep a UFO in the lower left corner, do we! When we film anything for that matter, we do not center the object for no reason! We follow an innate rule, we're all born with this need to center object's looking through a camera. Keep this in mind guy's, it's a brilliant tip, it's a tool in your toolbox against hoaxers, you can now have a reason for not liking a UFO sighting and if someone asked you "why do you think it is a fake," instead of just saying "erm because"... You've now got a brilliant way of backing up what you think. I've asked people before the same question, some have replied "look at it" or shrugged their shoulders and said "I dunno".

This sighting of the UFO over the city of Adana, Turkey is quite intriguing. I mean, how often do we see a UFO coming so close to the camera like this and that looks like a Flying Saucer or Tic Tac UFO (depending on who you ask)? The answer is not very often, let me ll you now! And it's even more rare that another UFO was supposed to have been recovered in the area by the Russians. There was an apparent extraterrestrial investigation into that? I mean, after all... The Tic Tac or Flying Saucer type craft (it really does look like both) craft actually came in to view silently and quickly swooped down to get a look but then it was gone. Explaining what I see really helps me understand what is going on here, I'm still intrigued as to the cameraman keeping the UFO in the centre of the lens.

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The conflict:

What stops a lot of people fully believing in a UFO sighting is ridicule, not wanting to support something and be that "one person voting the other way" and also are they getting the information right?

Relying on yourself:

This UFO sighting looks real to me! Your here now either because it's intrigued you, or someone else has suggested it to you, or you don't believe anyway and your looking to poke fun? Oh I'm telling you how it is, it's based on the years and years of comment's and remarks from angry people. They know that I personally haven't videoed the UFO itself but yet it doesn't stop them aiming pure filth at me.

Here's the extraordinary video which was uploaded to YouTube by UFO News Channel:

If you know anyone who would appreciate this post, please share it with them, thanks. Also please leave your thoughts and opinions on this video, cheers.

Credit: Real_ufo_ovni/UFO Sighting's Footage/UFO News/Ufosfootage/Canva.

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